September 27, 2010


For the past 2 weeks I have been swept away by the Twilight book series. I finished the 3rd book last night, so we are off to the store to purchase book #4 Breaking Dawn!!! For those who are curious I am team Edward. *swoon* It was my affection for Edward that forced me to read the books. I had watched the movies and LOVED my sweet Edward but my girlfriend kept insisting that my opinion didn't count because I hadn't read the book. (She is team Jacob) *groan*

So to shut her up I read the freaking books!!! The stories are captivating the characters complex. I understand why teens across the globe find Stephanie Meyer's stories irresistible.So I'm off to the store to buy my book but am feeling a little anxious because now I have to figure out what will occupy my time on Wednesday?!?! Maybe I can drag this book out a little longer than two days. It will be a challenge but I will try my best.

September 7, 2010


Well I guess my medication is working because my eye went from hey you have a tomato growing in your eye to hmmm do you have pink eye? I am now following in my newest blog follower's foot steps.

*Average Girl* from the blogspot blog *It's an Average Life* and am affectionately referring to the putrid bump as Uncle Fester. Thanks for helping me find the humor in my situation *Average Girl*. You have given me a new kind of sentimental connection to my putrid little bump.

So here's looking at you Uncle Fester...well with my good eye I mean. *wink*wink*

September 6, 2010


Well here I am again, finally!! I haven't been able to write lately because I have been having issues with my health. It all started last month when a bump on the white of my eye appeared again. This little bump and I had tangled before and I knew just what to do to get rid of the little bugger or so I thought. Now I must confess I did ponder over whether or not to post a pic of my putrid eye but decided to spare you the images. It is very red, sensitive, and I understand why one would come to the conclusions that it is contagious. I assure you it's not, however I do enjoy the occasional random strangers approaching me and saying "EEEEEEWWWWWWWW what's wrong with your eye?!?" to which I respond " What? My eye, what's wrong with it? Gosh I hope my worms haven't come back!!!!"

Anyway as I was saying this little bump on my eye and I have scuffled in the past before so I grabbed my eye drops and said Au Revoir (French word of the day!! meaning:good bye) you foul little bump and waited for him to disappear. Only he didn't disappear and after 2 weeks I had to admit defeat and make an appointment with the eye doctor. Oh what a joyful experience that was!!! I kept praying "Dear Lord please don't have this man poke my eye with a needle" and guess what? He didn't poke my eye with a needle, not like the one that comes to mind when we say needle. He poked at the bump in my eye with something that looked like a knitting needle. *NOTE TO SELF* When praying to God about not allowing the eye doctor to poke your eye with a needle, be specific!!!!

So my eye doctor said to me that people with this kind of swelling of the nerve usually have some kind of issue with their auto immune system and that I needed to go to my regular physician and get blood work done. GREAT MORE NEEDLES!! Thank you doctor sadistic (wink*wink* with my GOOD eye) I will do that right after I leave your eye poking office. So I go get my blood drawn the next day because of course this blood work requires me to fast. 2 days later the nurse calls and says I MUST call her back that she has the results of my test.

Now upon hearing the message the nurse left on my answering machine it did invoked from me a very paranoid response as one would suspect. As I nervously dialed the number she had left for me to return her call I kept thinking oh it's cancer stage 2 I just know it. I debated back and forth with myself on exactly what type of stage 2 cancer I had, leukemia, breast, or was it colon?!?! I held my breath and hung on every word she said. "You have Hypothyroidism, we need to get you on medication right away.You will need to take this medicine for the rest of your life. Your levels are incredibly low and we need you to come in tomorrow for more blood work."

At the time I had no idea what Hypothyroidism was but I didn't care because I clearly did not hear her use the word cancer in any shape or form. So now I am taking a little blue pill and fish oil too cause I guess my cholesterol has some issue also and I still have the putrid bump.

My life is coming up Hydrangeas!!! *wink*wink* with my good eye.*