September 22, 2009

They Baffle Me with Dog S#*T

I am not ashamed to admit that I love to watch reality shows. I don't watch television very often but when I do I tend to watch reality shows like House Hunters, Say Yes To the Dress, Moving Up etc. but my favorite television show at the moment by far is The Real Housewives. I watch them all; New Jersey, Orange County all of them. There is a new reality show that has captured my attention The Real Househusbands of Hollywood. It is very interesting to see such a change in dynamics with regards to the relationships between these husbands and wives because none of the husbands work and they take care of all and every domestic duty. Now my husband and I have a very traditional and some might say old fashion marriage but what really caught my attention with this show is the fact that these families are financially VERY secure and they live in million dollar homes with multiple pets and I just have to ask, why are rich people okay with there pets relieving themselves in their homes?

I call it the Osbourn affect because ever since Sharon and Ozzy Osbourn invited America into their home and allowed us into the chaos of their lives with their 12 to 15 dogs it seems that every celebrity family who has a reality television show has a ridiculous amount of dogs and cats in their homes that are allowed to pee and poop everywhere!! Now I consider myself an animal lover and yes I would like to add another dog to our family life but there is NO WAY I would ever be accepting of any animal crapping in my house!! How is that even okay with anyone?!?!!
These people honestly don't see how nasty that is or have enough sense to know that that is wrong? They baffle me with dog shit if this is what happens to you when you have massive amounts of money I am going to have to regretfully inform the California State Lottery I will no longer be participating in any of their games. I just don't understand how someone can be okay with their dogs feces in their home. It is DOG FECES!!! Name me one other situation in life where pet feces could be around you and it would be acceptable? When we go out to dinner we are never asked by the hostess seating us to watch our step or even say to you let me check around the table then I'll seat you. We never find pet pebbles at the gym or at the grocery store!! I understand that these peoples pets are small breed dogs and 9 times out of 10 they are Chihuahuas but I own a Chihuahua and he does not shit in my house. It is shows like these that make me appreciate my OCD and the cleaning routine that I have. I am proud to say I have a clean and shit free house!! ~OCD PRIDE~

September 18, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

So this morning I take my little song bird Winkle out back to clean out her cage. I figured I would clean her cage and change her water and food when I got back from taking my big boys to school. I return from the schools morning assembly and start to straighten around the house and like most mornings my littlest angel wanted to go outside to play in the dirt and swing for a bit. I was switching the laundry when the baby comes in affectionately holding our little Winkle bird in his arms our very DEAD and STIFF little Winkle bird!!! My baby looked at me and said "Mama what happen Winkle broken?" Then my BoBo takes Winkle and starts making him walk on the coffee table as if the dead bird was a doll.

I was mortified my baby was playing with the birds carcass!! He was so sweet in how he was holding the bird asking his Winkle to open her eyes. All I could say to him was BoBo Winkle is broken mama can't fix Winkle but he was sad just the same. Later on this afternoon we are going to say a prayer and have a funeral for our feathered friend Winkle. I feel so bad for being angry with Winkle that the mouse was upstairs because she was such a messy little eater. I hope Winkle knows she was loved and will be dearly missed by the children and mice.

R.I.P Winkle Winkle Little Star my Brocky wonders where you are. I just hope that my Chihuahua Walter stays healthy and safe!!

September 16, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Good news we caught the mouse last night!! (APPLAUSE and CHEERS) I took Retro Girls advice and used a cookie with a dab of peanut butter and a drop of vanilla extract to lour the evil little intruder to my sticky trap of death!! mu ah ha ha ha Now the bad news the mouse was not caught in the kitchen like we were expecting it to be it was caught upstairs in my CHILDREN'S PLAYROOM!!! The filthy bird, it was going after the filthy birds birdseed that's why it was upstairs. I spent the entire morning cleaning,scrubbing, mopping,vacuuming, and spraying my jumbo size bottle of Lysol all over the house. It was in my children's playroom I just can't believe it.
I mean it was bad enough that it was even in the house and I felt like it wasn't so bad because it was downstairs but it wasn't downstairs it was upstairs with us crawling around while we slept. Touching my babies toys infesting their things with it's evil little germs. Tonight we will be setting up another trap just to be on the safe side I am really praying that we do not find another mouse on the sticky trap. I hope we just had the one mouse and can put an end to this and feel comfortable and confident in our home again. Also I am definitely getting rid of the bird and from now on fish are my #1 recommended pet for people like me who like their homes clean and problem free. Well fish and Chihuahuas I will say make the best pets for people like me but that's it every other pet no!!! Anyway thanks again Retro Girl for your advice it gave me peace today.

September 14, 2009

The Uninvited House Guest

Lord give me the strength I have an uninvited and unwelcome house guest!! It pains me to say this but there is a mouse in my house, Gasp!!! The horror of it all a mouse a filthy disgusting disease carrying mouse!! I work so hard to clean my house to keep my family safe from nasty germs and this little rodent decides he is going to take up residence here with me and my family.

Yesterday my hubby saw it run across the kitchen floor and watched it disappear under the dishwasher. YUCK!! can you believe it? I have been unable to sleep, all I can picture is this little vermin running across my freshly mopped floors or worse what if this thing is walking across my kitchen counters or dining room table. His putrid little feet with long claws walking across my table dragging his horrendous tail behind him or her. Lord have mercy on me and let there only be one!! I don't think I could handle the idea of there being more than one in the house.

My house, my beautiful clean house it's beauty tarnished by this creatures presence. I thought if I kept my house clean these kinds of things would not happen to me. I wouldn't have to deal with these types of matters but no such luck. Now I have the pleasure of trapping this animal and disposing of it's body, ugh when it rains it pours!! Yes I am using methods that will destroy the animal. So now my husband and I have to place traps around the house at night before we go to bed in hopes of ridding ourselves of this most uninvited and unwelcome of guests.

What a delightful start to our day it will be to come down stairs and find the decaying corps of a mouse stuck to a trap in the kitchen. Nothing says lets start our day off right like a dead or dying animal in your kitchen. Oh please let this nightmare end soon let this creature be removed from my life quickly as quickly as possible. I am embarrassed, humiliated, and disturbed by the fact that I have a mouse in my house. What if I have a guest over and they see it!!! I feel like a prisoner in my own home I am scared to open cabinets or go into the pantry afraid of what I might find. What I might see or what might see me for that fact.

Doesn't this mouse know I have anxiety? Doesn't it know I obsess over germs? How rude and self centered can one creature be? As long as this rodent is in my home my life is not my own. Don't think that I haven't had thoughts of BEN running through my mind either. Yeah that nightmare has been playing in my head over and over again. It really is amazing how a creature intruder can have so much power in your life. So that is what I have been dealing with in my life lately and let me tell you I would rather have anxiety as a problem in life than a rodent problem that I am certain of!!

September 3, 2009

God And The World We Live In

I have been struggling lately and finding it very difficult to write. In my last blog I commented on how I don't like watching the news but I feel it is a necessary evil I want to be informed about what is happening in the world and my own community but I am so very tired of hearing about crimes against children about children being found in dumpsters, attempted abduction etc...
For someone like me these stories never leave my mind and it sends me on a hyper anxiety spiral. In the news now we are hearing of Jaycee Dugard found 18 years after her abduction living with her abductors and baring him 2 children!! Amazing, then reports come in of a 61 year old man physically assaulting a 2 year old child that was crying in a Wal~Mart store right in front of her mother. Reports state the child was crying and this old bastard walks up to the mother and says"Shut that kid up or I will shut her up for you!!" When the child didn't stop crying he returned to the mother and crying child and proceeded to smack the child across the face 3 to 5 times!! A total stranger to this woman can you even imagine?

Then to add insult to injury people were calling in to the news show saying well it's wrong what happened BUT parents need to control their kids!! Really?!? Like we as parents like to go run our errands with a crying child!! This is the mentality out their? This is the world we live in? This man was wrong but not as wrong as the child and mother and he shouldn't be punished was the popular opinion of the viewers who called in. Disgust pure disgust for these types of people I mean I am lost pro life says a child is a human when their is a heartbeat but a child doesn't have civil rights until they turn 18 years of age? I don't get it I just don't get it! You see what I have been struggling with most is my faith and how it can coincide with the world today and current events in particular the passage from the bible that I am struggling with is the book of Job.

I have been struggling with the book of Job because in the book of Job the angel Lucifer who is not seen as Gods adversary but his most trusted agent asks God if he could test Job to see just how faithful Job truly is to God. God says he can test Job but Lucifer cannot touch Job but his children, livestock and everything else he posses is fair game. The angel Lucifer sets into motion for ALL of Jobs children to be killed his wife and all his livestock but Job stays faithful to God and Lucifer asks God if he can test him again because Lucifer feels he is close to breaking Job and this time God allows Lucifer to harm Job and in the end Job asks God why he has done these thing to him? Why he has punished him? Job repents and becomes humble before God and God rewards Job with a new family and more livestock. Now what I struggle with is that Lucifer can do nothing without Gods permission first so then when you hear news reports of children being abducted, molested, and murdered did God okay it first?

Did God allow Samantha Runion to be kidnapped and murdered? Danielle Van Damn to be kidnapped from her bedroom by her neighbor while her family slept? Mathew Checkey to have his throat slashed by a drugged up junkie in a beach restroom while his aunt waited for him outside? Jessica Lungsford to be abducted and buried alive in her neighbors yard? Like most I want answers to why these thing happen or even someone to blame. To find reason in the chaos of the world we live in today. I know these people are responsible for their own actions and they themselves are to blame for the lives they take and the families they destroy.

I wish I could be like most who hear the news and just shake my head no and never think of it again. I wish I didn't memorize the names of murdered and abducted children. I wish I didn't have anxiety but I do and these stories have brought out of me a new obsession with brushing my teeth. I can't seem to get them as clean as I would like them to be. I am obsessed with using whitening toothpaste, flossing and just brushing them over and over and over again. My dentist will be pleased I'm sure *wink*wink. Anyway thank you for listening to me whine and for all the supportive comments and suggestions.