January 22, 2010


Today HLN broke a story about an obese women weighing some 300 plus pounds who killed her children's father by sitting on him, she squashed him to death. I am not trying to be humorous this is not a joke apparently he was face down on the couch when she sat on him and well he suffocated and died. What is even more shocking and yes it does get even more shocking is not only the matter in which this man died but the fact that this women only received 3 years probation for killing him!!

This story is just so bizarre and maybe I am morbid in my curiosity but I want to know exactly what he said to her to make her sit on him out of frustration and anger? Do you think her friends and family are scared of her now? Will the state take her children away from her? Can she loose custody of her children over this? Is part of her probation that she has to loose weight so she can never kill someone like this again? How will her children explain their father's death to people? Will she be on Oprah? Who would possibly date her now? Oh there are just so many questions and little to no answers.

As horrible as this may sound I am mildly entertaining by this story. I hope I am not the only person who find this bizarre story mildly entertaining. As I type I am having trouble NOT smirking or giggling. I can't help but imagine her sitting on his back and head with his skinny little arms and legs flailing wildly and her just cursing him out. It's wrong I know but I seriously have never heard of such a thing. I have never heard of a women killing her boyfriend/baby daddy by sitting on him!!

January 21, 2010

Here Comes The Rain Again.

It's raining it's pouring that old man has got to be snoring because California is sinking!! Someone pull out the stopper and let the water drain out because my 2 year old needs some outdoor time!! My poor little man is missing playing in the dirt with his dump trucks. He is like a humming bird trapped in a shoebox, it's funny when he sits outside on our little dirt hillside with his dump trucks and shovel he is as quiet as a mouse happy as a clam it is as if the dirt puts him into a meditative state.

The weather man says it is going to rain for another 5 days!! Oh what will I do with this little outdoor boy of mine?!?!! I am starting to get a little worried by the wind because it is blowing very hard and has been knocking over very large pepper trees and blocking our roadways. We have even seen some realtor signs knocked over by the wind. As a Southern California native I can tell you we are not used to this type of weather that's why it is the only news being shown on our local news channels. Tough luck Haiti;California is getting rained upon and the Governor has declared it "A STATE OF EMERGENCY".

Yes the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Govenator as we affectionately call him has answered the call of city officials and declared us a state of emergency because a few months ago we had large wild fires and those burned areas are experiencing mud slides and the people have been evacuated from their homes. Also the rain has brought record snow fall in our local mountains so the emergency in Haiti has taken a back seat in our news reporting. It is Storm Watch 2010 with reporters all over the county reporting on what the rain looks like in that city. Also we are having thunder and lightning storms and the occasional mini tornado's that blow down fences small trees and patio furniture.So I guess we will see you in 5days or so Haiti you and the rest of the world.

January 18, 2010

Survay Says...

An insight to how my mind works, I got a lot of feedback when I posted this question on my face book page and was so entertained by my own question I just had to post it on my blog and get your response.

If a man has a tattoo on the small of his back is it also considered a tramp stamp?

Some of you may be laughing right now and thinking to yourselves where does she come up with this stuff?!?!! Well sometimes I ask myself that same question but how this particular question came up was when some of my girlfriends started commenting on how hot one of our former classmates is. He has a profile on Facebook and it is true the years have been very kind to him and as I was looking through his photos I came across one of him working out.(He is a life coach and personal trainer)

When there it was, I thought to myself is that what I think it is? I got out of my chair and put my faces just inches from my computer screen. I got as close as I could possibly get to make for certain that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. A devilish smile crept across my face as the realization of this glorious fop aux appeared to be true there on my computer screen for all the world of social networking to see. On his beautiful muscular back he had a single tattoo located right on the small of his back, it was a TRAMP STAMP!!

All that was handsome about him had faded away and all that was left was that ridiculous tattoo. I thought this is wrong a guy with a tramp stamp is like a guy with a belly button ring, it is just all kinds of wrong.

Now by definition his tattoo was a true tramp stamp. He had no other tattoos on his back but the stamp. If a women has a tattoo located there it is affectionately called a tramp stamp. Now he did have another tattoo on his arms but the 2 tattoos had no correlation to each other visually by design. They were 2 totally different tattoos.

So what do you think if a guys has a tramp stamps does it show a complete error in judgment? Are tramp stamps are for girls only? Or is it a warning to women to watch out this guy will use you and abuse you?

I hope you had a laugh reading this post and in case you were wondering the answer is Yes, I do have a tramp stamp and in my glory days it brought me LOTS OF FUN!!!

January 11, 2010

It's Not You It's Me

Why?...Why?...Why did you decide not to follow me anymore #16? You made me feel important you listened to what I had to say and on occasion left me a comment. What did I do wrong? I can change just give me another chance, don't go please follower #16 don't go...COME BACK TO ME #16 COME BACK!!

To all followers of this blog I love you, I love seeing all your faces when I log in I love writing and I love writing and thinking you are actually going to read what I wrote. I love thinking that what I wrote might make you smile or even laugh. You make me feel important and valued. You give this stay at home mother a chance to have a sometimes one sided adult conversation. I love the power...THE POWER!!! *MUAH HA HA HA*

Honestly I am not crazy and I really hope this is reading the way I intended it to. It is meant to be funny and make fun of the fact that I obsess over how many followers I have, I want everyone to like me. I follow other blogs and think to myself how did they get so many followers? I want 30 followers, it is my online Carrie Bradshaw blog spot fantasy and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I think I have professed before that I am a dork and here is another prime example of it. I sinisterly hope you all understand my sense of humor and do not decide to simultaneously drop me from your list like a hot potato. I just love having a blog I love to write it gives me a sense of importance like I AM MORE than just a wife and mother. That my ideas, views, and opinions are not silly (well some are *grin*)That there are people out there just like me. People who are sometimes intense clean freaks who hate germs. People who laugh and point when someone falls, people who have a sarcastic sense of humor, people who are also disgusted by the injustice in the world. My blog makes me feel simply put that I am still Kika Jones!! Also I love the instant gratification you get when you click on the PUBLISH POST tab.

I feel like I have just been rambling on and on in this post perhaps an indication that I need more coffee. Perhaps it is an unwise decision to blog when you are not fully caffeinated I guess I will let the followers comments be the determining factor. I hope you all enjoy your Monday and I certainly hope my nerdiness today has made you laugh I know I am amazed by it.

January 9, 2010

Dog Fight

The above photograph is what my across the street neighbors dog looked like only his dog was a little fatter and the dog was a female. I say WAS because this past week the dog had to be destroyed because it viciously attacked it's companion dog, the dog it had been raised with. Why did it attack the other dog? The neighbor said the dogs were fighting over a bone. A BONE!! The neighbors pit bull attacked the other pit bull mix over a bone and nearly ripped it's front leg off!! The dog was so badly hurt it had to be put down.

The story begins Tuesday as my hubby left for work and was getting into his car the neighbor was outside with his 2 dogs off leash ( as always because they are the sweetest dogs ever according to him!!) they began to fight in the street,fur and blood where flying and the neighbor was beating the dogs with a shovel to get them to stop but it had absolutely NO AFFECT on the dogs. They neighbor laughed and placed the dogs in his backyard and left for work. The neighborhood was left to hope that his rickety fence we have all begged him to fix would not accidentally open as our children walked to school.

Thursday afternoon about 4:30p.m. all hell breaks loose we hear noises and high pitched screams many neighbors who are home come running out of their homes confused and scared by the the noises. The cross the streets neighbors fence is bowing and the screams are coming from behind the gate. The pit bull is attacking the other dog and the dog is screaming. The screams sounded like a cat or small dog it could have been a child!! As the neighbors yelled at the dogs and rang the doorbell we were helpless to stop the fight or help the dog.

Blood was everywhere there so much blood I had never seen anything so gruesome in my life. The police were called and animal control came out as we waited for the authorities the owner of the dogs was called by his son and he was pissed off at us!! His neighbors for overreacting he said "They are just animals and they fight in my backyard, it's okay no big deal they fight over bone." He felt we are all neighbors and friends that we should look out for each other and that we should have come to him. My husband was more than happy to remind him that we have come to him and that we didn't like his dogs and thought it wasn't fair to your neighbors to have this breed of dog where there are so many children and across the street from a elementary school.

I love animals but I hate this breed of dog. No other dog scares me more than this breed of dog and thanks to the freaking Dog Whisperer talking about it's the people not the breed more people who normally wouldn't consider this breed of dog for a family pet are buying/adopting this breed of dog. I love the Dog Whisperer but if I ever see that guy I'm gonna yell in his face "No Cesar it is the dog I am all for banning the breed." It reminds me of that load of crap guns don't kill people, people kill people you know what I say to that cameras don't take pictures, people take pictures one can not exist without the other.I hate this breed of dog but I hate knowing that this danger was right outside my door this whole time.

~* NOTE *~
The dogs involved in this incident never showed any aggression to this level prior to the fights. They did dominate the family and often times would jump and knock down the teenage daughter who would call out for help and run away from the dogs. Proving the point that these dogs are very unpredictable and could turn on their owners. Personally I think it was only a matter of time.

January 5, 2010

New Look

So yesterday I followed through with my first New Years resolution I went and got a shorter haircut and I feel like a million bucks!! My New Years resolution is to be more girlie. For 10 years now I have been the "frumpy" mom, always putting everyone and everything first but now my babies are getting older and needing me a little less and that has given me a chance to start wearing makeup again and at last a hair style!! My next project is to go and get my nails done toes and all. I used to be such a girlie put together kind of girl, in the past I have joked with family and friends that being surrounded by boys all this time that my girlie gene has gone dormant but no more!!

Wake up and smell the roses girlie gene because this "frumpy" mom is getting a makeover and this new style is here to stay. The image above is how I cut my hair I will download my hair pics as soon as I can have a wonderful day everyone.

January 4, 2010

Photo Album

Just wanted to share some family photos of our trip to Disneyland.

January 2, 2010

How Do You Know You Are Unhappily Married?

How do you know when your unhappy in your marriage? How do you know when you are at your limit if your spouse has no idea why you are leaving? Last year a lot of couples informed us they were getting divorced or separating. All seemed totally out of left field and I know that we really have no idea what another persons relationship/marriage is really like behind closed doors but what made them even more shocking was the spouses lack of knowledge of their partners unhappiness. How do you help a heartbroken friend or relative if they have no idea where things went wrong in their marriage?

So it got me thinking how do you know you are unhappy in your marriage? I mean all marriages go through their ups and downs and some months your spouse just bugs the heck out of you!! But how long of a grace period do you give yourself? Years, months, weeks? Now I am not talking about the obvious unhappiness in a marriage like your spouse has had affairs on you or is abusive in some way I am talking about the everyday issues. Like they never help me with the kids or I am so unappreciated kind of stuff, the stuff that every couple has to deal with because no relationship is truly 50/50.

There is always someone who does more in the relationship so what makes the other person really leave? Do they see someone elses relationship and say to themselves I want to be treated that way? I have been exposed to divorce in my life through family and friends and in having a front row seat I have experienced divorce from different perspective and seemingly in each case the "NEW" person that the divorcee ends up with does maybe 1 or 2 things different than the first spouse did. For example the "NEW" spouse likes to go dancing enjoys country music and opens the car door for me or she likes to go camping and ride motorcycles but everything else is the same as the first wife/husband.

So how do you know you need to get a new spouse? How do you know you need a change in spouse not a change in you? After all no one is perfect.

~*Note To Readers*~
This blog post has NOTHING to do with my personal life. It is only an observation of what has been happening around me.

January 1, 2010

I'm Old!!

Well last night was New Years eve and just before my pillow and I rang in the new year in a unconscious state I realized that I am OLD!! You see just before convincing my hubby that staying up to ring in new years is to much work and that I would rather just go to bed I became a little envious of the party goers I saw on television and that's when I realized how old I have become because just then I suggested to my husband that next year we should have a UN~new years eve party.

What is an UN~new years eve party you ask? My husband asked me the same question, it is a style of new years eve party that I just thought up. You invite your family and friends to come over and celebrate new years eve with you and just like any other party you have food, drinks, conversation, and fun but your guests leave before midnight. I think 10:30p.m. sounds like a good time to call it a night that way you can clean up and go to bed and VIOLA!! You have a UN~new years eve party and that's when I realized that I am old.

You know what else I realized? I realized that I love being old like that because I did have a great new years eve. I spent the day with my family in the city took tons of picture by the shore. We came home had a fun dinner watched cartoons ate a big bowl of ice cream and tucked my kids in bed. I didn't puke, worry about a DUI check point or pay a sitter to do my job. So good bye 2009 and hello 2010 I can't wait to see what you have in store for me!!