December 17, 2010


Have you seen? Have you heard? We parents have received a gift, a family tradition to keep the childhood Christmas spirit alive. Its from Barnes and Noble and boy are they hard to find. It's an Elf On A Shelf!! That's right an Elf On A Shelf!!

Here's how he works...

Your Elf On A Shelf comes with a darling book for the kids to read. It tells how your new house guest is a scout elf sent to your home by Santa to keep an eye on your children. Santa has sent his little red spy!! The kids whisper in the little elf's ear what they want for Christmas. At night when the kids go to bed the elf flies back to Santa and reports what he's seen.

In the morning when the kids wake up they find that the little elf has returned but oh my goodness, the elf is in a different place from the night before!! So it must be true he does fly home and reports what he's seen. I'm guessing if Virginia was fortunate enough to have had an Elf On A Shelf then she would already know that Santa is real!!

It is a gift parents, a gift that has the power to bring tears to your eyes. When you give your children the spirit of Christmas. Their whole face lights up with a glorious glow of happiness,childhood wonder, magic, faith, and love.

November 23, 2010


Some of you may or may not remember that I love Washington State. It is such a beautiful state and I would love nothing more than to relocate my family from So.Cal to Washington and raise my boys there. Many people have asked me "Why Washington?" and I have always answered the same.

Washington State is the perfect place to raise my boys because it fits all of their personalities. For my outdoor boys who have a connection with nature one only needs to look around at the picturesque scenery to understand. In Washington nature is not pushed out and away to make room for the suburbs,the suburbs are built around nature.

For my inside computer boy, Washington is host to Microsoft,Google,Nintendo etc... It is also home to a great University. All thing that excite my computer tech boy. Washington just feels right to me. This morning my dear friend Kristie who's blog I follow. *Cali Girl With A Washington Heart* sent me some photos so that I could see the beauty she and her family were experiencing. She and her family relocated from So.Cal to Washington last year and Washington has been experiencing just a bit of a snow storm. *Wink*wink*

Here are some pics of the view from her home

This is a pic of my view *sarcasm*

November 17, 2010


Hello blogger friends my name is K.Jones and I'm a chihuahua-holic.

I know it's a little silly to buy your toy breed little outfits but I honestly can't help it. Walter is my little darling dog and I love to spoil him just like I love to spoil my kids.

I love how he prances around and gets so excited when I tell him "What did I buy you" and reach into the bag to pull out his surprise.

I just adore my chihuahua, I'm addicted to his little face and love. He is such a well behaved boy and he deserves every little squeaky toy and chewie treat he gets. Walter is the best birthday gift I have ever received. I just can't imagine life without him.

My Walter

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

Is this what Santa will leave under our Christmas tree this year?!?! *giggles*

November 13, 2010


This morning my hubby asked me if I wanted to take the kids out to the desert to play. Immediately I made a face but agreed because a few weekends ago my hubby had brought them out for the day and told me how he wished I could have been with him to experiance the joy and happiness of our boys playing in the sand. (My hubby had given me the day to myself.)

Camping in the desert used to be a family activity we used to do often before the recession hit. My hubby and I have been considering buying an old used camper to continue this family activity. The desert is magical for our family. Nothing else matters but our time together. The peace in the desert seems to resonate in my children's souls.

We need to find a way to give them this peace, this time. Not only for them but us as well.

November 12, 2010


So I have fallen in love with my iPhone again and have been searching for new apps to use and entertain myself with. I came across a blogger app and decided to throw caution to the wind and break the first (unspoken) rule of blogging and blog from my phone! For some reason most of us bloggers refuse and dislike the idea of blogging from our smart phones.

I have been so busy with my boys and have desperately wanted to blog but couldn't find the time for myself to write. I must admit it is weird not to be writing this for my home office but it is nice to be blogging from my comfy bed, watching Everyone Loves Raymond with my chihuahua snuggled next to me.

I hope this post turns out alright because I really have missed my blogs and all of you. My dear friends in our little blogger world.

November 3, 2010


I am out of town this week on a mini getaway with my hubby. My boys are very well taken care of and having a great time but I am having anxiety induced nightmares. I am trying to work through my guilt of getting away and enjoying alone time with my husband. Just another typical day in the land of motherhood.

October 28, 2010


I have been on the hunt for novelty soaps in the shape of little birds to decorate my bathrooms in. I wanted to place the bird shaped soap in a fancy little bowl with twine and twigs to make it appear as if the little birds had created a nest. The problem I have is finding the bird shaped soaps. I am trying to avoid ordering them off the Internet because I am looking for instant gratification.

I searched Home Goods Store and Michael's with no luck. Where do the little old ladies get their sea shell soaps for their bathrooms? I guess I have to continue my bird watching around town until I find the illusive soap birds.

October 20, 2010


So last night I had a difficult time sleeping and ended up having a small panic attack. My hubby and I had stayed up late to watch a movie and moments after we turned out the lights in the quiet of the darkness I started panicking about the safety of my children.

I told my hubby what was going on and he was able to calm and sooth me to sleep but my sleep was not restful. I knew the reason for the panic attack was due to our recent plans. Plans of change for our family and household. Plans to improve our life but still these plans mean changes ahead. So with that this morning I had another small attack and did the only thing I knew to control the attacks. I started to straighten and clean the entire house.

I can't control life but I can control my environment, and so I washed the dishes, clothes, the dog and the baby. I vacuumed, dust and polished anything I could get my hands on. I could tell my dog didn't like being a source of relief for my O.C.D but I figure it was alright because in the 5 years we have had him, Walter has never been bathed in the backyard by the hose. He is spoiled and lives like a king, sometimes a queen. *wink*wink* Seriously it is not appropriate for an indoor dog to smell like Frito's and worn gym socks.

I am feeling a little better now but the condition of the floors are bothering me. I can honestly say my anxiety and O.C.D side affects are few and far between since my hubby and I have improved our relationship and understand completely who we are in each others lives.

October 19, 2010


Well I did it a few days ago I deleted my facebook account and guess what? I survived!!! In fact since I deleted my account I have been sleeping heavily coincidence?!?! It was sweet the number of people who wanted me to continue with facebook and I was very entertained by the people who asked me WHY?!?! with shock and disbelief. As if I had suddenly announced I was Amish.(HAHAHA) Life after facebook is very productive and I'm glad I did it.

Suddenly the laundry is getting done and folded and put away. The house is being better taken care of and my undivided attention is being given to those who matter most. Even the dog is happy I'm off facebook!! My iPhone has gone back to being just a phone and not my link to the world. Best of all peoples bad attitudes and problems have no affect on my life and today that is my definition of peace of mind.


The rain...the rain...the glorious rain has come to Southern California and it is, and was, BEAUTIFUL!! I was jolted awake by the flashes of lightning that danced across the night time sky and the crashes of thunder outside my window. The rain came down heavy with vengeful pings against my window that sounded like hundreds of angry, frantic fingers pleading to be let in.

Under the safety of the covers I snuggled my hubby tightly, waiting for a little voice in the distance to cry out mommy in fear. Amazingly no one called out for me, the storm seemed to have the opposite affect on my 3 little early birds. They seemed to fall into a deeper sleep as if the storm was a lullaby they recognized.

Oh how I love the rain. The various gray hues that mother nature puts on display, changing the colors of the landscape. Against her grays skies a trees presence can appear stronger or more fragile. The surrounding hills can look dark and menacing as if they hide a secret under their thick green foliage. She is like an artist pleased with her work and I hear her cry "Beauty is not only defined by the sun but in all the elements I bare."

October 15, 2010


My hubby started a new project for me and painted an old rocking chair we have,in black of course. So with a fresh can of paint in his hand I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him and asked if he would please re~paint my book basket for me? The brown color he had previously painted it was to close in color to our hardwood floors and washed out the color of my basket instead of displaying it. I think it looks better in black and am happy once again.

What I am not happy about is Facebook, I think I am going to delete my account today. It seems to me that Facebook has become an unhealthy distraction in my life and is a bit to "Hey look my life is way more awesome than yours?" I am also very sick of the daily News warnings to all Facebook users about viruses and privacy and so on and so forth.

I want to concentrate on my family, friends, and church. I want to surround myself with the lives of the people who really matter most in my life. Not the 154 "friends" I have on Facebook. I don't blog the way I used to because of Facebook, and Twitter, I never really understood anyway.

I mean if those people really mattered we would still be real friends right? The people who know me already know where I live, my home and cell phone number and email me as well. The stuff on Facebook is fake, I think we all know that we try and project and what we see on Facebook is the glorious pretend life we all like to showcase. I just think it was better back when the only thing I cared about was my life and the people I surrounded myself with.

I want to do real things with my time like start a book club, knit, read my children stories, watch them play. Not brag about every moment of my life. It's wrong and gross and I don't want to do it anymore because I'm 35 years old for goodness sakes.

So long Social Network Facebook thanks for helping me grow into the person I want to be.

October 12, 2010


Oh my Kina B. how I miss you so!!! Your darling smile, your contagious giggle, your huge vocabulary that I sometimes need a dictionary for. I miss sitting in corners with you whispering thoughts and ideas in each others ears like secrets shared between little girls. December seems so far away for you and our Bubba to come home. All I can do is count the days, read, and bake until my sissy~friend comes home. *sigh*

October 11, 2010


What a wonderful weekend I had doing everything and nothing. Running errands here and there with my hubby, our three little blessing in toe. Gathering up little things to bring joy to our family home. Like my new wind chime, I have been listening to the soft musical chime of my wind chime fill up our home. I want to get a few more to hang in both the front and back yard. My hubby also bought me a bunt cake pan!! I guess he really liked the angel food cake I baked for him this past Friday.

My favorite thing from this weekend has to be the little project my hubby completed for me. I took an old bicycle basket that I had and decided to re~purpose it as a book basket. It was very rusty, so my hubby scrapped and sanded it clean. He gave it a fresh coat of paint and by the time we got home from church the paint was dry and my new book basket was ready to be proudly displayed in our home. I decided to placed my new book basket next to my Singer sewing machine and just love the way it turned out.

October 8, 2010


They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so to show my hubby how amazing he is and what an honor it is to be his wife I have been busy preparing a special dinner for him to show him just how loved he is. I am making him broccoli and ham quiche for dinner. I have never made a quiche before and for whatever reason it seems like a very fancy dish to make. I am not a very good cook and I can't bake to save my life but today I put all my heart, soul, and love into tonight's dinner. I was even successful in making an angel fruit cake!!! Me the girl who messes up cookies from a log made an angel fruit cake!!!

I have been watching the Cooking Channel and the Food Network and well that perky Sandra Lee got to me with her semi~homemade propaganda.I am so proud of my efforts and I hope my family will taste the love in my meal. Although I am mentally preparing myself for my boys sour faces as they sniff the quiche on their forks. However I'm sure I will come out victorious in their minds again once a bust out my oh so awesome hearts shaped angel fruit cake.

Come on ladies let me hear you...ALL THE MOMS IN THE HOUSE SAY WOO WOO because I did it!!!!


Well I finished the Twilight book series and I am happy to report that I am still TEAM EDWARD!!! After reading the Twilight series I dove head first into a book my beautiful friend Kristie sent me. She is the blogette who writes of her life in the blog Cali Girl With A Washington Heart. The book she sent me was a real nail biter, captivating and intense, the book is Promise Not To Tell by Jennifer McMahon, a MUST read!!!

I am so entrenched in reading right now that I decided it was time for me to start a Book Club. All my girlfriends love to read and so I brought my idea to them, so far many of my girlfriends are interested in joining. I think my ploy of enticing them to join my Book Club with promises of margaritas and other delicious munchies might have done the trick. Not many of my girlfriends can turn down an invitation to margaritas. Best of all my hubby was so excited about me starting a Book Club he surprised me with a Because I Love You Gift, a B&N Nook!!!! He is so ROMANTIC!!!! Books as gifts are so romantic in my opinion and my hubby just gave me 3,000. *SWOON*

I am so happy with my hubby and my Nook that I was hardly even mad at him this morning for forgetting to go out and buy milk last night. Leaving me with 3 boys who suddenly were all suffering from and uncontrollable need and desire for cold cereal and milk. It was as utter chaos, Armageddon...NO MILK IN THE HOUSE!!! Well rest easy my biological citizens milk will be restored into your homes by the time you come home from school.So after I fulfill my milk obligation I plan on doing nothing all day but cuddling under my big comfy red blanket and

September 27, 2010


For the past 2 weeks I have been swept away by the Twilight book series. I finished the 3rd book last night, so we are off to the store to purchase book #4 Breaking Dawn!!! For those who are curious I am team Edward. *swoon* It was my affection for Edward that forced me to read the books. I had watched the movies and LOVED my sweet Edward but my girlfriend kept insisting that my opinion didn't count because I hadn't read the book. (She is team Jacob) *groan*

So to shut her up I read the freaking books!!! The stories are captivating the characters complex. I understand why teens across the globe find Stephanie Meyer's stories irresistible.So I'm off to the store to buy my book but am feeling a little anxious because now I have to figure out what will occupy my time on Wednesday?!?! Maybe I can drag this book out a little longer than two days. It will be a challenge but I will try my best.

September 7, 2010


Well I guess my medication is working because my eye went from hey you have a tomato growing in your eye to hmmm do you have pink eye? I am now following in my newest blog follower's foot steps.

*Average Girl* from the blogspot blog *It's an Average Life* and am affectionately referring to the putrid bump as Uncle Fester. Thanks for helping me find the humor in my situation *Average Girl*. You have given me a new kind of sentimental connection to my putrid little bump.

So here's looking at you Uncle Fester...well with my good eye I mean. *wink*wink*

September 6, 2010


Well here I am again, finally!! I haven't been able to write lately because I have been having issues with my health. It all started last month when a bump on the white of my eye appeared again. This little bump and I had tangled before and I knew just what to do to get rid of the little bugger or so I thought. Now I must confess I did ponder over whether or not to post a pic of my putrid eye but decided to spare you the images. It is very red, sensitive, and I understand why one would come to the conclusions that it is contagious. I assure you it's not, however I do enjoy the occasional random strangers approaching me and saying "EEEEEEWWWWWWWW what's wrong with your eye?!?" to which I respond " What? My eye, what's wrong with it? Gosh I hope my worms haven't come back!!!!"

Anyway as I was saying this little bump on my eye and I have scuffled in the past before so I grabbed my eye drops and said Au Revoir (French word of the day!! meaning:good bye) you foul little bump and waited for him to disappear. Only he didn't disappear and after 2 weeks I had to admit defeat and make an appointment with the eye doctor. Oh what a joyful experience that was!!! I kept praying "Dear Lord please don't have this man poke my eye with a needle" and guess what? He didn't poke my eye with a needle, not like the one that comes to mind when we say needle. He poked at the bump in my eye with something that looked like a knitting needle. *NOTE TO SELF* When praying to God about not allowing the eye doctor to poke your eye with a needle, be specific!!!!

So my eye doctor said to me that people with this kind of swelling of the nerve usually have some kind of issue with their auto immune system and that I needed to go to my regular physician and get blood work done. GREAT MORE NEEDLES!! Thank you doctor sadistic (wink*wink* with my GOOD eye) I will do that right after I leave your eye poking office. So I go get my blood drawn the next day because of course this blood work requires me to fast. 2 days later the nurse calls and says I MUST call her back that she has the results of my test.

Now upon hearing the message the nurse left on my answering machine it did invoked from me a very paranoid response as one would suspect. As I nervously dialed the number she had left for me to return her call I kept thinking oh it's cancer stage 2 I just know it. I debated back and forth with myself on exactly what type of stage 2 cancer I had, leukemia, breast, or was it colon?!?! I held my breath and hung on every word she said. "You have Hypothyroidism, we need to get you on medication right away.You will need to take this medicine for the rest of your life. Your levels are incredibly low and we need you to come in tomorrow for more blood work."

At the time I had no idea what Hypothyroidism was but I didn't care because I clearly did not hear her use the word cancer in any shape or form. So now I am taking a little blue pill and fish oil too cause I guess my cholesterol has some issue also and I still have the putrid bump.

My life is coming up Hydrangeas!!! *wink*wink* with my good eye.*

August 29, 2010

Dear Hydrangea

Dear Hydrangea,
I covet your beauty in my garden and pray for your elegant blooms. My dear Hydrangea how have I offended thee? Do I not do everything you ask of me? Why do you reward my efforts and love with dead twigs and burnt leaves? Does my heartache amuse you? Oh how cruel you are Hydrangea. Oh Hydrangea if you don't straighten up soon I'm afraid Mr.Shovel is gonna dig your @$$ out and you'll find your cruel self riding in the back of the garbage truck so you better find a way to FREAKING BLOOM!!!!

The Keeper of the Garden

August 26, 2010


I've become obsessed with blogging again and it feels fabulous. I need to write, it is a huge part of who I am and it is what I discovered years ago defined me and set me apart from my peers. Recently I have been scouring google for new blogs to follow and added some to my list. Of course they all have some sort of reference or connection to a french theme.

Whether it be in design, baking, living, or fashion, they are all french related.I was not surprisingly captivated and enamored by the blogs that were focused on design. I was both jealous and inspired by these bloggers eye for french design. So much so that I started to feel inadequate and sheepish about my recent posts of my shabby chic inspiration living room creation.

Some of the rooms showcased on these blogs are just simply gorgeous. Then I thought my post pictures probably looked awful to me because I took them on my IPhone, but that wasn't it either. So I have come to the conclusion that the hubby and I need to start going to estate sales,garage sales, and the dreaded Home Goods Store!!! The hubby hates that store because I want EVERYTHING!!

So clean out the trunk honey cause we are going shopping!!! Oh and today's french word of the day was... goodbye [informal] *salut* I will use it in a sentence... My hubby began to cry as he said *salut* to all his hard earned money. *Salut*

August 25, 2010


Bonsoir mon amie!! You know those IPhone commercials that boast "We have an app for that" well guess who found an app for Basic French For Dummies?!?! That's right moi!! They really do have an app for just about everything so now thanks to my Apple IPhone I am learning how to speak french. My goal is to try and learn one new french word a day.

I wanted to share with you my finished shabby chic inspired formal~informal living room. I know I had spoke about it a lot in the past but I finally think I'm finished and wanted to share it with my blog world amie(that means friend in french).

My Table

Couch with new throw pillows and wall painted in French Silver

Display of coffee table

I tried to recreate true french style by incorporating nature into the design of the room by adding seashells, birds, bird cage, flowers, and decorative twigs to the comfortable elegance of the room.

August 24, 2010

What Did You Do This Summer?

Nothing...I did nothing, nothing from my To~Do project list!! No awesome do it yourself for cheap shabby chic project!! With 3 young boys on summer vacation, 1 in preschool and a "let's go do something" hubby it was hard to do anything but have fun. Also we added a new member to our family and his name is Scout. He is the sweetest, cutest, fluffiest little Golden Retriever that God has ever put on this earth. The little boys love him and even Walter our 5 year old Chihuahua likes him!! Scout was my birthday gift from my hubby this year. I wanted to name him Atticus but Scout won in the popular vote.

I also experienced a *Super Awesome for Super Cheap Decorative Find*. I found on Craigslist for $45.00 an antique foot pedal operated *SINGER* sewing machine!!! Which I now proudly display in our family room and make everyone who sets foot in my house Ooooooooo and Aaaaahhhhhhhh over it. Man, woman, or child, no matter, you are going to look at my oh so beautiful antique foot pedal operated *SINGER* sewing machine, listen to my incredibly fascinating story of awesomeness and wish YOU had an antique foot pedal operated *SINGER* sewing machine just like it. You are going to want to run home to your computer to scour the postings on Craigslist for one of your very OWN!!!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA

Oh wow, I went on a little trip there didn't I?!?! It's okay I'm back, I'm focused, *whispering under my breath* on your jealousy of my *SINGER sewing machine. All kidding aside I do clearly love my new piece and am on the hunt for another one.I have wanted one of my very own for about 4 years now. My mother~in~law had promised me that I was to receive hers, which she used as a bedside table once she found a chair to replace it with. Well she found a chair and decided instead of giving me the *SINGER sewing machine like she PROMISED, that she liked the way it looked in her front living room as an end table. Now I'm not sure but I don't think my mother~in~law wants to give me the sewing machine.

Anyway I got tired of waiting and looked on Craigslist one evening and there it was. Now I'm not going to tell my mother~in~law I bought one because well she might actually give me hers one day and I don't want her to think I don't want hers!! Hers is in WAY better condition than mine and to tell you the truth it reminds me of her. It is strong, elegant, and they just don't make them like they used to.

June 22, 2010


Today my Cali Girl in Washington inspired me to create my own *copied* french shabby chic design accessories. I was introduced to a gorgeous shabby chic store in my hometown by my hubby. He himself happened to stumble across it as he was heading to an appointment in town. He said I would love it and that I HAD to go and see this store. * Hubs is a catch I know* Before he could put the car in park I was already calling out things I had to have and gasping and pointing in every direction, I was in heaven!! I wanted everything in the store and swore to him I had a perfect spot in our home to put everything I wanted.

As my excitement settled and my husband hid his wallet, I really started to examine all the expensive and very expensive little furnishings. In my head I kept thinking, I can recreate this, I know how they made this, they want how much?!?! I mean I really loved the items they were selling but thought perhaps there are other shabby chic design lovers on a budget out there. Other people who like me want the look but can't take the price tag. Which got me thinking maybe actually I could recreate the look and blog about how I did it for less and how you can too!! I explained this brilliant idea to my Cali Girl in Washington, Kristie and she encouraged me to do it and so I am.

So Staples, Michael's, and Target here I come!!! I'm going to go back to the shabby chic store in my hometown to take pictures of the accessories I am going to try and duplicate. Candles, bottles, tags etc. and you can decide if I accomplished the task of recreating these items or not.

I ask that at this point in the blog you wish me luck because I will be using a hot glue gun and if a hot glue gun in my possession doesn't make you spontaneously erupt in laughter, well then I'm sure the pictures will!!

June 19, 2010


I am seething with anger and frustration!!!! I went to bed around 9:30p.m. fell asleep around 10:30p.m. and was awaken at 1a.m. by the littlest boo boo. I have been awake with him ever since because for some reason he can't sleep tonight. So if he can't sleep well that means I can't sleep and I know every mommy out there knows what I'm talking about!!

I am so angry at my husband right now because he is sound asleep at 5 o'clock in the morning and I have yet to be. We have a family gathering to go to this afternoon and I just know both I and the littlest boo boo are going to be cranky and an absolute joy to be around. Hmmm well that last sentence is just dripping with sarcasm. I have a headache, I want to cry but most of all I want my boo boo to GO TO SLEEP!!!!

Oh look here comes the sun coffee anyone?

June 18, 2010

Ol' Friend

Look who finally made his way home from Darkest Peru, my dear ol' friend Paddington Bear. After a nail biting auction and weeks of waiting my darling friend made it to our home where he greets my guest from his little black rocking chair.He doesn't look exactly like the one I had so long ago but he fills my heart with joy just the same. Welcome Home Paddington Bear, oh how I've missed you.

Guess Who?!?!

Guess who is also on Twitter??? My chihuahua Walter that's who!!! I thought it would be funny to give him a twitter account and see how many people would actually follow him. As some of you may or may not know I am a HUGE fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and one of my favorite housewives is Dina Manzo. She has a hairless sphinx named Grandma Wrinkles and when my eyes first fell upon Grandma Wrinkles I knew for sure Dina was my kind of girl!!!

Well I am now on Twitter and besides following Dina I also follow her cat, Grandma Wrinkles who has herself over 5,000 followers and I am one of them. Yes I know how crazy that sounds but look who your talking to.*hahahahah* Anyway it got me thinking and I thought it would be funny to get Walter a Twitter account and post funny things on his wall. He's a big eared chihuahua how could it not be funny!!

So if you're interested in how a spoiled SoCal chihuahua lives you can follow Walter. Not only is he cute but he is funny and an all around great guy.

June 17, 2010

With My Jaw On The Floor

My father and I had a falling out and really haven't spoken to each other since December. When my husband and I were having our issues I went to my father for support and received none. Instead I was insulted, criticized, and belittled by my oldest sister as my father sat there silently shaking his head yes in agreement with everything she said.* She and her children live with my father, she herself is divorced.* Even though when she was going through her divorce I was there for her she couldn't do the same for me. No she judged me, didn't believe what my grievances were and basically sided with my husband. I left his home in tears and hadn't seen him up until a few weeks ago when I saw him at my nephews graduation. I hugged my father hello but didn't get the opportunity for very much other then small talk. It was after all my nephews big day and I didn't want to ruin it in anyway.

When my husband and I separated it was a very difficult time in my life and I had no ones support accept my other sister Elba and of all people my husband. Now my husband and I have reconciled and have put our relationship first in our lives.We are doing wonderfully *Praise God*.

This Sunday is Father's Day and my boys and I were hoping to take my father to dinner. My boys have been asking to see him, they have no idea of our falling out.I called him from my car to let him know that I was in town and if he had any plans on Friday. He was short, cold, and practically hung up on me. He had plans and I had my jaw on the floor, with my kids in the backseat shouting "Can we go to his house mom please is he home?"

I sat there for a moment then lied to them "Oh no we can't go he's busy right now maybe another day." With disappointment in his voice my 6 year old said "When will he not be busy?" I was so hurt, so angry, not for me but for them!! Doesn't he miss my kids?!?! Doesn't he want to see them?!?! He can't find a way to put up with me for an hour or so so my kids can visit with him?!?! I guess not, so I took my kids to the store and helped them pick out a nice card for their Grandpa and put it in the mail.I don't know what else to do and well there is nothing that I really can do.

I hope you have a Happy Father's Day dad even if you don't want our well wishes.

June 15, 2010

Wait I Wasn't Ready!!!

Yesterday was really hard day for me and around 10:30 last night I couldn't take it anymore and I had a major anxiety attack!! I was certain that the dangerous, harmful, whatever it is, was outside my house. Circling, looming, just waiting to destroy my life. It was going to penetrate through and shatter my life and my families sense of security. All the rituals that I do to protect my family were not going to be able to protect us or help us.

I have a lot of changes going on in my life and I don't know exactly where I stand. Relationships are changing, my children are growing up very quickly and I am having trouble with that. My baby isn't a baby anymore. He started preschool, a second choice preschool. A if we have to we can enroll him there preschool, not our first choice but finances played a huge part in our decision, unfortunately.

This next school year will be my oldest sons last year of elementary school. It hurts, I just can't take it. Life gets so busy and with three kids things get so incredibly hectic and you don't notice how quickly the sand is running through your children's hourglass and their youth is passing you by and by the time you notice and shout TIME OUT... GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE TIME!!! You're simply to late and all you can do is pray you'll pay better attention as the sand starts to run down again.

If I had one wish it would be to let me go back and relive that time, those moments, those memories again. Let me breath in the scent of my new born babies, let me rock them to sleep in my arms, let me watch them take their first steps again.Enjoy those big toothless grins just one more time, if I had one wish I know what it would be, but really all I can do all I can say is "Wait I wasn't ready!!"

June 3, 2010

Home Improvements

We have been up to some home improvements lately here at The House of Jones. I had mentioned in earlier post that we had purchased a new couch set and even tho it is not a traditional over sized, overstuffed, shabby chic couch. Leather can be shabby chic and work in a shabby chic look with the right accessories. I softened the hard lines and modern look of our leather couch with my toil pillows and a crushed velvet throw blanket. Leather is also to this point a smart fabric choice for those with young children.

My fabulous hubby was kind enough yesterday to hang the shelves he painted especially for our boys. Now my next project is to take tons and tons of pictures of our beautiful babies to fill the frames and then some. A task I find easy well because they are just so darn cute!!! That is not a bias opinion all my friends and family think they are adorable too!!! *smirk*

I have a feeling our summer will be filled with projects, adventure, trips, and most of all FUN!!!! I can't wait it seems we are off to a good start 82* degrees is what the days weather forecast is for today.

I hope in my next post I will be announcing the arrival/addition of a new member of the family!!! Fingers crossed everyone fingers crossed.