October 20, 2011


My new obsessions in life are Pugs. Look at this gloriously adorable and funny face. I simply adore Pugs, they are so sweet and funny and I'm so desperate to have one. I think my hubby is open to me getting a Pug but I don't want to get one until August/September of next year. Keep your fingers crossed that sometime next year I introduce you to my little butterball Pug named ...

Just A Dream

I had the most beautiful and amazing dream last night. I dreamed I was pregnant and I was expect a girl!! A GIRL!! I woke with tears in my eyes because I desperately wanted it to be true with every fiber of my being. I LOVE my boys but have always dreamed of having a little girl. Not to dress up like a doll but to experience the special relationship mothers and daughters have.

Of course in the dream my husband was NOT happy with hearing the news I was expecting again. Honestly he never has been, I've never experienced that moment with my husband when you are BOTH excited about expanding your family. He's the only source of income, the numbers man so he looks at things from a financial point of view. The numbers adding up on the spreadsheet point of view God bless him.

Me I see events in our life as the oh this should be interesting I wonder how things will work themselves out point of view. It's why my hubby and I make sense he makes up what I lack and vice versa.

Anyway it was a beautiful dream.

October 17, 2011

Boxes Boxes and More Boxes

Here I go again packing our life away getting ready for our big move back to So Cal, feeling like I'm drowning in a sea of beige boxes! I am starting to get excited about our move as I receive occasional pictures of the home we are moving into and all the improvements being made. We will miss this fabulous neighborhood and all of our amazing neighbors.

Our family will especially miss our neighbors and dear friends the Wilson's.I must admit their friendship has been the best part of our Washington experience. I'm in awe of my friend Danielle and aspire to be a mom like her.I swear I have yet to hear her say "I don't know how to do/make that." She's my definition of a TRUE stay at home mom. I feel like a lazy fraud next to her but I'm happy to say she's rubbing off on me.

Our kids have become great friends and will miss each other very much but I know that our friendship with the Wilson's will not end when the moving vans roll away.We hope to spend as much time with them as we can before we go,if we can see them at all over all these darn boxes!!

October 12, 2011

My Happy Place

I have been so happy these last few days. My hubby has been home and I've gotten to cuddle with him on the couch. Hold his hand in the car. Talk for hours about everything and nothing. Kiss him good morning and good night. Watch him play with our boys and take care of their every need and want.

He is my best friend and he brings me such peace. When he's home I am upset about nothing and laugh at everything. When I'm with him everything is beautiful and right with the world.

He is my best friend, my blessing.

October 11, 2011

24 Days and Counting

It's been raining here everyday for the past 2 weeks and I love it!! Every once in awhile the suns brilliant face breaks through the gray omanis clouds electrifying all the brilliant colors of fall.

I love the rain, it makes me smile. I'm enjoying it while I can you see this is my last month here in Washington. At the end of this month we are relocating back to our forever summer town of Temecula.

I wish things could have worked out differently for us here but back to SoCal we go. Back to our family, our church, our roots. Everything happens for a reason and we leave Washington with a smile and a heart full of memories.