December 30, 2009


Guess where I have been for the past 3 days? That's right the happiest place on earth Disneyland!! It was a surprise Christmas gift to our boys and boy were they surprised. In the past I might have mentioned that my 3 little birds are all early birds and as one by one they made their way into our room each one was shocked that for one we were up and two all our bags were packed ready to hit the road for our 3 day 2 night family vacation. My babies reaction was the best as he asked " Mom where going? " I told him we were going to Mickey Mouse's house and asked him if he wanted to go? I can't explain the look of shear happiness that crept across his face. He was so excited and so eager to go I had to wrestle him out of his pajamas and into his clothes.

My boys reaction and excitement that morning was the best Christmas gift I have ever received. We had such a wonderful time as a family, it was all smiles and laughter hugs and kisses, my baby was on cloud nine the whole time. I think he is now even more in love with Mickey Mouse and all of his friends. I can't wait to upload our family pictures and share them with you.

December 24, 2009

December 22, 2009

Baby News

Today at 1:40 in the afternoon baby Brielle Annalise was born healthy and strong!!! So far all is well and mommy is relieved and recovering. Our hearts and our family have grown once more and I can't wait to spoil Little Miss Christmas. Thank you friends for all your prayers.


Outside my window this morning I find the sun fighting against gray skies desperate to break through appropriate scenery for today. Last night my sister informed me that my pregnant niece had been hospitalized. Her pregnancy has been plagued with problems but with several recent visits to the doctors all resulting positively we thought she was in the clear and would be able to enjoy her remaining few weeks of pregnancy with little to no stress. We were wrong, my niece had to be prematurely induced because her daughter had stopped growing in utero, she was due to deliver sometime in early to mid January. I am asking that you please keep her and my family in your prayers as we help her through this difficult challenge.

~* Prayer Of The Day *~

Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
{Romans 10:17}

Father in heaven I choose to trust in you even when things don't go the way I planned. I know You are at work in my life. Thank You for Your perfect love which casts out all fear.

In Jesus Name Amen

December 21, 2009

Am I A Scrooge?

Christmas is coming in just a few days and my anxiety is rising not because I have not wrapped a single gift but because soon the frenzy of my children taring into their gifts on Christmas day will occur and with all that frenzy comes tape, wrapping paper and bows and those darn twist ties that hold the toys in their boxes all over the floor.

I can't wait to have my house back in it's "normal" state. Does that make me a Scrooge? I hate to think so, I guess it's just the organizational side of me. You know the everything in it's proper place side of me. That side of me that says when you finish eating you rinse your dish and put it in the dishwasher you do NOT leave it in the sink to ferment and grow mold or any other kind of bacteria.

Well Christmas is coming and bringing it's mess with it but it is also bringing love, smiles, family togetherness, and good will toward others. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.Let us all remember the true reason for this most glorious season.

December 18, 2009

Snow Globes

I have decided that one of my new years resolution will be to start collecting Parisian snow globes. My only problem being that I am not exactly sure where to find Parisian style snow globes, DARN IT!!

I'm sure there is a snow globe .com website somewhere so the hunt is on for these illusive snow globes that I plan on proudly displaying in my front living room once I find them.

Perhaps one day my desire to visit Paris France will out weigh my fear of flying and I will be able to add as many Parisian snow globe to my collection as my heart desires. Until then these beautiful snow globes will have to be the windows to my Paris dreams.

December 14, 2009


Last night I became aware that my POTTERY BARN catalog is my pornography. After putting the boys to bed I climbed into my bed giddy with excitement clinching my POTTERY BARN catalog. My post it's and pen at the ready for me to note what items I fantasize buying to make my home visually perfect. With each turn of the page I would groan and giggle, gasp and sigh. My eyes wide looking over the images inspecting every little detail over and over again.

I was making so much noise that my hubby had to peek in on me to see what I was doing "I'm looking at my POTTERY BARN catalog" I said. I invited him to look it over with me and fantasize how beautiful our house would be if I bought these things to decorate our home with. He looked at me the same way a dog looks at you when you make a weird sound. I smiled as he went back to his office then I let out a hearty laugh, I felt like a teenage boy who had been caught looking at a nude magazine.

It's funny the things that excite and entertain you as you get older, Lysol and POTTERY BARN catalogs one might say I'm a very dirty girl. *smirk*

December 10, 2009

I Found It!!!!

I hardly slept a wink, I tore the house apart last night searching for my extra large can of Lysol. Last night we had Cub Scouts and well certain things didn't go as previously planned and I ended up hosting 3 dens in my home. Yes I said 3 dens, we had a total of 14 boys and 8 parents, 15 if you count my baby. My house was a disaster it looked like a frat party had taken place in my home.

After cleaning the kitchen and picking up all the crafting scraps off the floor I took a deep breath and headed upstairs to my boys playroom to asses the damage. I'm sure I don't have to explain to you the kind of damage 15 boys can do in a confined space so I let out another sigh and headed to the bathroom to grab my can of Lysol and that's when my nightmare began.

My can of Lysol wasn't in it's proper place, I knew I had a can but where could it be? Why wasn't it in it's proper place? All my boys where fast asleep and I couldn't make an emergency trip to the store and I didn't think my sister would make the 35 minute drive to my house just so I could go out and buy a can of Lysol.

Sweat began to run down my face as I came to the horrible realization that I would have to put all my kids toys away without disinfecting them!! I frantically called my husband who has been away on a business trip these last few days to ask him if he knew where my can of Lysol was and if he knew why it wasn't in it's proper place!! The situation is dire I explained with every passing minute the germs are multiplying and I am helpless in their attack, honey I have no Lysol!!

I searched high and low but to no avail my can of Lysol was nowhere to be found. I cleaned the playroom and washed my hands again and again. Frustrated I went to bed but couldn't sleep. I nodded off once or twice but never fell into a deep sleep.

Morning came and I heard my boys awake and playing in the playroom. I closed my eyes and scrunched my face in disgust knowing they were touching and playing with toys I had not yet disinfected.

Suddenly... elation, I jumped out of bed screaming it's in the garage!!! My hubby had used my Lysol to disinfect some items we had received from a pack leader who at the time had been very sick with the flu. I had found my can of Lysol my big beautiful can of Lysol. As I danced around the playroom I spayed the toys and sang "I found my can of Lysol ha ha ha ha ha the germs are gonna die la la la la laaa."

*SIGH* A Christmas miricle I love stories with happy endings.

December 7, 2009

It's Raining!!

I woke up this morning to the glorious sound of rain falling outside my window. The weather man is calling for rain all day so tonight I have planned a comfy cozy night for my boys. We will put on our warmest pj's and enjoy Christmas cookies and coco, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Oh how I love this kind of weather and love it even more when it comes this time of year.

December 4, 2009

Baby Don't Go!!

It is that time of year, the time of year when a mother starts to realize that her baby is no longer a baby but a toddler, a little boy. The only evidence of a baby left is his diapers and even that evidence is quickly being taken from me. Like most I thought I had more time I thought it would last a little bit longer but it is very clear today there is no baby here.

The King of all my wild things is speaking more clearly making his commands easy to understand. The baby gate that at one time caged him in no longer holds it's power. No bottles, no soothies, no clothes with the word months on his tags no now all I see is that big letter T. My baby is gone and now all I see is a mischievous little toddler looking back at me. *sniff* *sniff*

December 3, 2009

Do You Believe In Jack Frosty?

This is why I want to live in Washington State these photos were taken this morning by one of my dearest friends Kristie who recently moved to Washington. This was what was waiting for her this morning right outside her front door. I would love to give my boys the gift of experiencing nature this way.


You can click on the photos if you'd like to see them enlarged.

December 2, 2009

Just Call Me Bitter

Vanilla coffee is not the only thing brewing in my home today their is also a big pot of bitterness brewing, bitterness for my hubby's employer!! Funds that were intended for my formal living room makeover have been TAKEN FROM ME!! So my vision of a Shabby Chic Christmas has gone from Shabby Chic to just plain shabby. *growl*

Well I shouldn't say that, I just have a hard time finding my patience when I am excited about a design idea for my house. My home looks wonderful with all our Christmas decorations up even if I don't have the toile pattern pillow covers and curtains that I wanted. It is still somewhat of a Shabby Chic Christmas if nothing else a whole hearted attempt at creating a Shabby Chic Christmas.