December 17, 2010


Have you seen? Have you heard? We parents have received a gift, a family tradition to keep the childhood Christmas spirit alive. Its from Barnes and Noble and boy are they hard to find. It's an Elf On A Shelf!! That's right an Elf On A Shelf!!

Here's how he works...

Your Elf On A Shelf comes with a darling book for the kids to read. It tells how your new house guest is a scout elf sent to your home by Santa to keep an eye on your children. Santa has sent his little red spy!! The kids whisper in the little elf's ear what they want for Christmas. At night when the kids go to bed the elf flies back to Santa and reports what he's seen.

In the morning when the kids wake up they find that the little elf has returned but oh my goodness, the elf is in a different place from the night before!! So it must be true he does fly home and reports what he's seen. I'm guessing if Virginia was fortunate enough to have had an Elf On A Shelf then she would already know that Santa is real!!

It is a gift parents, a gift that has the power to bring tears to your eyes. When you give your children the spirit of Christmas. Their whole face lights up with a glorious glow of happiness,childhood wonder, magic, faith, and love.