October 28, 2010


I have been on the hunt for novelty soaps in the shape of little birds to decorate my bathrooms in. I wanted to place the bird shaped soap in a fancy little bowl with twine and twigs to make it appear as if the little birds had created a nest. The problem I have is finding the bird shaped soaps. I am trying to avoid ordering them off the Internet because I am looking for instant gratification.

I searched Home Goods Store and Michael's with no luck. Where do the little old ladies get their sea shell soaps for their bathrooms? I guess I have to continue my bird watching around town until I find the illusive soap birds.

October 20, 2010


So last night I had a difficult time sleeping and ended up having a small panic attack. My hubby and I had stayed up late to watch a movie and moments after we turned out the lights in the quiet of the darkness I started panicking about the safety of my children.

I told my hubby what was going on and he was able to calm and sooth me to sleep but my sleep was not restful. I knew the reason for the panic attack was due to our recent plans. Plans of change for our family and household. Plans to improve our life but still these plans mean changes ahead. So with that this morning I had another small attack and did the only thing I knew to control the attacks. I started to straighten and clean the entire house.

I can't control life but I can control my environment, and so I washed the dishes, clothes, the dog and the baby. I vacuumed, dust and polished anything I could get my hands on. I could tell my dog didn't like being a source of relief for my O.C.D but I figure it was alright because in the 5 years we have had him, Walter has never been bathed in the backyard by the hose. He is spoiled and lives like a king, sometimes a queen. *wink*wink* Seriously it is not appropriate for an indoor dog to smell like Frito's and worn gym socks.

I am feeling a little better now but the condition of the floors are bothering me. I can honestly say my anxiety and O.C.D side affects are few and far between since my hubby and I have improved our relationship and understand completely who we are in each others lives.

October 19, 2010


Well I did it a few days ago I deleted my facebook account and guess what? I survived!!! In fact since I deleted my account I have been sleeping heavily coincidence?!?! It was sweet the number of people who wanted me to continue with facebook and I was very entertained by the people who asked me WHY?!?! with shock and disbelief. As if I had suddenly announced I was Amish.(HAHAHA) Life after facebook is very productive and I'm glad I did it.

Suddenly the laundry is getting done and folded and put away. The house is being better taken care of and my undivided attention is being given to those who matter most. Even the dog is happy I'm off facebook!! My iPhone has gone back to being just a phone and not my link to the world. Best of all peoples bad attitudes and problems have no affect on my life and today that is my definition of peace of mind.


The rain...the rain...the glorious rain has come to Southern California and it is, and was, BEAUTIFUL!! I was jolted awake by the flashes of lightning that danced across the night time sky and the crashes of thunder outside my window. The rain came down heavy with vengeful pings against my window that sounded like hundreds of angry, frantic fingers pleading to be let in.

Under the safety of the covers I snuggled my hubby tightly, waiting for a little voice in the distance to cry out mommy in fear. Amazingly no one called out for me, the storm seemed to have the opposite affect on my 3 little early birds. They seemed to fall into a deeper sleep as if the storm was a lullaby they recognized.

Oh how I love the rain. The various gray hues that mother nature puts on display, changing the colors of the landscape. Against her grays skies a trees presence can appear stronger or more fragile. The surrounding hills can look dark and menacing as if they hide a secret under their thick green foliage. She is like an artist pleased with her work and I hear her cry "Beauty is not only defined by the sun but in all the elements I bare."

October 15, 2010


My hubby started a new project for me and painted an old rocking chair we have,in black of course. So with a fresh can of paint in his hand I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him and asked if he would please re~paint my book basket for me? The brown color he had previously painted it was to close in color to our hardwood floors and washed out the color of my basket instead of displaying it. I think it looks better in black and am happy once again.

What I am not happy about is Facebook, I think I am going to delete my account today. It seems to me that Facebook has become an unhealthy distraction in my life and is a bit to "Hey look my life is way more awesome than yours?" I am also very sick of the daily News warnings to all Facebook users about viruses and privacy and so on and so forth.

I want to concentrate on my family, friends, and church. I want to surround myself with the lives of the people who really matter most in my life. Not the 154 "friends" I have on Facebook. I don't blog the way I used to because of Facebook, and Twitter, I never really understood anyway.

I mean if those people really mattered we would still be real friends right? The people who know me already know where I live, my home and cell phone number and email me as well. The stuff on Facebook is fake, I think we all know that we try and project and what we see on Facebook is the glorious pretend life we all like to showcase. I just think it was better back when the only thing I cared about was my life and the people I surrounded myself with.

I want to do real things with my time like start a book club, knit, read my children stories, watch them play. Not brag about every moment of my life. It's wrong and gross and I don't want to do it anymore because I'm 35 years old for goodness sakes.

So long Social Network Facebook thanks for helping me grow into the person I want to be.

October 12, 2010


Oh my Kina B. how I miss you so!!! Your darling smile, your contagious giggle, your huge vocabulary that I sometimes need a dictionary for. I miss sitting in corners with you whispering thoughts and ideas in each others ears like secrets shared between little girls. December seems so far away for you and our Bubba to come home. All I can do is count the days, read, and bake until my sissy~friend comes home. *sigh*

October 11, 2010


What a wonderful weekend I had doing everything and nothing. Running errands here and there with my hubby, our three little blessing in toe. Gathering up little things to bring joy to our family home. Like my new wind chime, I have been listening to the soft musical chime of my wind chime fill up our home. I want to get a few more to hang in both the front and back yard. My hubby also bought me a bunt cake pan!! I guess he really liked the angel food cake I baked for him this past Friday.

My favorite thing from this weekend has to be the little project my hubby completed for me. I took an old bicycle basket that I had and decided to re~purpose it as a book basket. It was very rusty, so my hubby scrapped and sanded it clean. He gave it a fresh coat of paint and by the time we got home from church the paint was dry and my new book basket was ready to be proudly displayed in our home. I decided to placed my new book basket next to my Singer sewing machine and just love the way it turned out.

October 8, 2010


They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so to show my hubby how amazing he is and what an honor it is to be his wife I have been busy preparing a special dinner for him to show him just how loved he is. I am making him broccoli and ham quiche for dinner. I have never made a quiche before and for whatever reason it seems like a very fancy dish to make. I am not a very good cook and I can't bake to save my life but today I put all my heart, soul, and love into tonight's dinner. I was even successful in making an angel fruit cake!!! Me the girl who messes up cookies from a log made an angel fruit cake!!!

I have been watching the Cooking Channel and the Food Network and well that perky Sandra Lee got to me with her semi~homemade propaganda.I am so proud of my efforts and I hope my family will taste the love in my meal. Although I am mentally preparing myself for my boys sour faces as they sniff the quiche on their forks. However I'm sure I will come out victorious in their minds again once a bust out my oh so awesome hearts shaped angel fruit cake.

Come on ladies let me hear you...ALL THE MOMS IN THE HOUSE SAY WOO WOO because I did it!!!!


Well I finished the Twilight book series and I am happy to report that I am still TEAM EDWARD!!! After reading the Twilight series I dove head first into a book my beautiful friend Kristie sent me. She is the blogette who writes of her life in the blog Cali Girl With A Washington Heart. The book she sent me was a real nail biter, captivating and intense, the book is Promise Not To Tell by Jennifer McMahon, a MUST read!!!

I am so entrenched in reading right now that I decided it was time for me to start a Book Club. All my girlfriends love to read and so I brought my idea to them, so far many of my girlfriends are interested in joining. I think my ploy of enticing them to join my Book Club with promises of margaritas and other delicious munchies might have done the trick. Not many of my girlfriends can turn down an invitation to margaritas. Best of all my hubby was so excited about me starting a Book Club he surprised me with a Because I Love You Gift, a B&N Nook!!!! He is so ROMANTIC!!!! Books as gifts are so romantic in my opinion and my hubby just gave me 3,000. *SWOON*

I am so happy with my hubby and my Nook that I was hardly even mad at him this morning for forgetting to go out and buy milk last night. Leaving me with 3 boys who suddenly were all suffering from and uncontrollable need and desire for cold cereal and milk. It was as utter chaos, Armageddon...NO MILK IN THE HOUSE!!! Well rest easy my biological citizens milk will be restored into your homes by the time you come home from school.So after I fulfill my milk obligation I plan on doing nothing all day but cuddling under my big comfy red blanket and read...read...read.