May 20, 2014

Yeah...That Just Happened

So this is my last week on the Cruise Phase of the Dukan diet eating plan and I said that if by Friday I had not reached my goal then I would move on and accept 140lbs as my true weight. I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to see what I've seen this entire past week and BOOM!! 138.8lbs was staring back at me from between my feet.

I stepped on that scale three more times just to see that glorious number again and again. I am now 1.7lbs away from my goal! I am so ecstatic to be in the 30's FINALLY!! Never thought it would happen and just when I had made peace with not ever being in that weight range I hit the mark. I'm excited to see what number will register on Friday.

May 17, 2014

Feeling Like I Just Can't

Day 20 of the Dukan diet eating plan and 2 weeks on the Cruise phase of the meal plan. I am fluctuating between 140 & 141 pounds. I am 4 pounds away from my goal weight of 136/137 pounds and I can't break into the 30's.

Today I came in at 141 pounds and I have to admit my determination of meeting my goal took a hit. I honestly had to fight back the tears. My frustration is high and my resolve low. This next week will be my last week on the Cruise phase because I am sure I am losing my grip on the goal. I want to give up, to simply throw my hands up in defeat and dive into a box of glazed donuts.

I have been working so hard for a year and a half. Fighting to rid myself of every obese inch, every obese pound and to think I am so close to this goal yet it continually moves just out of reach is devastating to my spirit.

I have 1 more week on this phase and when the week is up I will accept what my body is capable of even if it is not the vision of success I had for myself.

May 3, 2014

Day 6 Dukan Diet

Day 6 and the celebration is in full swing!! I weighed myself today and I weighed 145 pounds!! Also today we introduce vegetables to our diet and they were delicious.

I cannot believe I am down 7pounds since starting the Dukan Diet last Monday. Now that vegetables have been introduced and we have to alternate between pure protein days and protein/vegetables days our weight loss should slow down to 2 pounds per week until we meet our desired weight.

Adding the vegetables really has given us the added push to keep working towards our goal. Can't wait to see how long it takes to reach my true weight, my desired weight.

May 1, 2014

Dukan Day 4

Today has been just a bit of a struggle with the strictly pure protein diet. The protein is sustaining me for much longer before I need to eat again. My hunger has also been very low today but I am very ready to add vegetables to my diet.

Today is the 4th day and it is coming to an end but I'm not sure if I will be able to complete another day. I'm sure I'll push through and complete the last day but right now I want to throw in the towel early and start the Cruise Phase a day early. Also for some reason I weighed in 4oz. heavier.

Was not what I was expecting but hopefully tomorrow will bring me the elusive numbers I have been striving to see for over a year now 145lbs. I am hoping that by the time I am on Stabilization Phase I will be between a svelte 132-128lbs.

Okay well I am feeling better now and am ready for Attack Phase Day 5! I'm going to see it through and complete my goal of 5 days on Attack Phase so I can lose this last 20lbs.