February 18, 2011


WOW!!! The last time I blogged was in December?!?! Well lots has gone on since my last post. I am mainly trying to get myself healthy. In the past few months I have become a human pin cushion. My doctors still haven't been able to dial me into the right dosage for my thyroid. In a few more days I go in to have my blood drawn and tested to see how this rounds medication is working or not.

My doctors have also informed me that my hormone levels indicate that I am showing signs of menopause...MENOPAUSE!! What the heck!! I am freak'n 35 years old...really?!? So now I have to go through that wonderful series of invasive testing.

With all of this going on one would think I'd be discouraged but really I feel absolutely blessed. I am happy in my life. I have 3 healthy, beautiful, intelligent boys. A husband who adores me and is truly my best friend & a sister who is my most treasured gift.(She like my hubby gets my crazy.)

I still have my anxiety but it isn't as intense. My O.C.D is also showing signs of change. I still like things clean and in there proper place & I still have upstairs & downstairs socks. So life is good, life is life & in the famous words of Forrest Gump "That's all I have to say 'bout that."

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