May 13, 2010

Stripping For Kids

Every morning I like to have a cup of coffee and watch HLN (CNN Headline News)This morning was no different. I sat down to enjoy my yummy cup of vanilla coffee and watch Christi Paul inform me of the days events, and then it happened. It was so random... it was so unexpected... it caught me totally by surprise. It was delicious, it was ridiculous, for a moment I questioned if it was really happening and then a tear started to form in the corner of my eye. It was real and it was happening. Christi Paul read her news teleprompter with her usual professionalism, elegance, and grace like she has done so many times in the past. As those sweet words passed through her lips and gently landed on my ear like a best friends secret a warm sensation came over me and I knew Jesus really does love me and he just gave me a hug!!!

She asked and I quote "Would you favor taxing strip club patrons to fund your state's education budget and is there a moral conflict?" Oh the phone lines, face book,and twitter were all in an uproar and every southern baptist over 65 with a little time on their hands was on the line. All I could do was sit at my kitchen table in amazement rapidly blinking my eyes. The story was so delicious first of all she said that strippers were picketing, what I believe was THEIR OWN strip club for the children. Now perhaps the news crew on the street caught the picketing strippers in between a shift change or perhaps it was just a bad day to film but their was 4 people picketing, 2 strippers and 2 bouncers that's it!!!

This was HLN's big story and would be their big question of the day. 4 people outside a strip club walking in a circle trying to save education by taxing the pole. I LOVE AMERICA & I LOVE HLN!!!! It was awesome, people were calling up saying how unethical and immoral it was for the state to even consider the idea of taking revenues from strip clubs to help fund educational programs for children. Now by this line of thinking I was confused. I mean did people think that our children would be exposed to the click clack of clear high heal shoes? Would the recipient schools hold a special assembly and a group of strippers would appear in their stripper uniforms with a giant check to present?

Would our children be screaming out "THANK YOU" in unison to Sexy Lexi and all her friends for going that extra mile on the pole? Or would the schools money be covered in glitter and smell like cotton candy, strawberries or whatever body spray sent that is popular with today's strippers?

To tax the pole or to not tax the pole; that was HLN's question. What a way to start the day.

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