August 25, 2010


Bonsoir mon amie!! You know those IPhone commercials that boast "We have an app for that" well guess who found an app for Basic French For Dummies?!?! That's right moi!! They really do have an app for just about everything so now thanks to my Apple IPhone I am learning how to speak french. My goal is to try and learn one new french word a day.

I wanted to share with you my finished shabby chic inspired formal~informal living room. I know I had spoke about it a lot in the past but I finally think I'm finished and wanted to share it with my blog world amie(that means friend in french).

My Table

Couch with new throw pillows and wall painted in French Silver

Display of coffee table

I tried to recreate true french style by incorporating nature into the design of the room by adding seashells, birds, bird cage, flowers, and decorative twigs to the comfortable elegance of the room.


  1. Hi there, thanks for following my blog. Yours is très chic :)
    I read your profile...very interesting! I hope one day you achieve your dreams of going to Paris.

  2. It looks lovely my friend! Yay for you!