August 26, 2010


I've become obsessed with blogging again and it feels fabulous. I need to write, it is a huge part of who I am and it is what I discovered years ago defined me and set me apart from my peers. Recently I have been scouring google for new blogs to follow and added some to my list. Of course they all have some sort of reference or connection to a french theme.

Whether it be in design, baking, living, or fashion, they are all french related.I was not surprisingly captivated and enamored by the blogs that were focused on design. I was both jealous and inspired by these bloggers eye for french design. So much so that I started to feel inadequate and sheepish about my recent posts of my shabby chic inspiration living room creation.

Some of the rooms showcased on these blogs are just simply gorgeous. Then I thought my post pictures probably looked awful to me because I took them on my IPhone, but that wasn't it either. So I have come to the conclusion that the hubby and I need to start going to estate sales,garage sales, and the dreaded Home Goods Store!!! The hubby hates that store because I want EVERYTHING!!

So clean out the trunk honey cause we are going shopping!!! Oh and today's french word of the day was... goodbye [informal] *salut* I will use it in a sentence... My hubby began to cry as he said *salut* to all his hard earned money. *Salut*

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