October 20, 2011

Just A Dream

I had the most beautiful and amazing dream last night. I dreamed I was pregnant and I was expect a girl!! A GIRL!! I woke with tears in my eyes because I desperately wanted it to be true with every fiber of my being. I LOVE my boys but have always dreamed of having a little girl. Not to dress up like a doll but to experience the special relationship mothers and daughters have.

Of course in the dream my husband was NOT happy with hearing the news I was expecting again. Honestly he never has been, I've never experienced that moment with my husband when you are BOTH excited about expanding your family. He's the only source of income, the numbers man so he looks at things from a financial point of view. The numbers adding up on the spreadsheet point of view God bless him.

Me I see events in our life as the oh this should be interesting I wonder how things will work themselves out point of view. It's why my hubby and I make sense he makes up what I lack and vice versa.

Anyway it was a beautiful dream.

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