January 30, 2012


So this post finds me incredibly bitter!! I can hardly stand to type this post. I by accident discovered that my blogs title name is no longer my own. My blogs title/name was once Simple Kind of Life but now it belongs to someone else. I had like I stated earlier no idea until I decided to show my friend my blog from her computer. Imagine my surprise when I am directed to this other persons blog!!
I have told people for years my blog name, have it in my social media profiles as my own, all the while I am directing traffic to someone else's blog!!
What is equally upsetting is that her blog speaks of sexual encounters. Oh the embarrassment in people believing I am the author of this blog.
I was so horrified by the discovery of no longer owning the name Simple Kind of Life that I hurried to think of a new name to register to my blog.
The only thing I could think of was Butterflies in Mason Jars. What on earth that has to do with my life I am certain I don't know.
Blogger was of no help to me to recover my name so Butterflies in Mason Jars it is... For now.

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