January 9, 2012

Oh Well...

My children have me in tears today. They have been on vacation from school for 3 weeks. What has me in tears is the frustration of asking/telling these kids to clean up their rooms or any other minuet chore. Honestly I don't ask them to do very much. They say "yes mom" and don't do it. I continue to ask until I am enraged by them ignoring what I've continually asked them to do.
I don't want to be the angry mom all the time. They do something as simple a brushing their teeth and then either sit down to watch television like I've completed everything you've asked or ask to play video games.
I say did you brush your hair? Did you make your bed? Did you put your clothes in the dirty laundry? The answer is always the same NO!
When do children start to think for themselves? My kids can remember the routine at school but not at home?
I want to be so badly one of those oh we'll mothers.
Kids rooms a mess, oh well.
Playrooms a mess, oh well.
Dishes are stacked to the ceiling, oh well.
House isn't vacuumed, oh well.
I just want a little help around here not only from my kids but my husband but all I seem to get is oh well.

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  1. I think most mothers out there feel your pain my friend ~ I know I do! You're absolutely right in that often times their distractions from doing what you've asked are technology related. TV, video games, and computers pull them in and leave them in a trance like state. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled at my boys to "hurry up" and "you'll be late" because they are watching netflix while getting ready for school. J has told me over and over to turn it off and not have it on in the first place so the boys will get things done. Today I finally took his advice and it worked pretty well. I didn't get upset and the boys were able to get ready in a more timely manner. I'd say make sure all that technology is turned off and can only be turned on if your boys ask permission. Then when they do ask you can use it to your advantage by asking "Did you" and fill in the blank. Use those techno things as rewards for a job done. Hang in there my friend!