March 27, 2012

Book List

I must be in a purging mood today. It has been so long since I have been able to write I forgot how good it makes me feel inside and out. My darling Honey is away on business and I desperately miss him already. I doubt he has even made it out of California yet.Nothing seems fun if he's not around, unless my sister is around. However she has been working a lot and I don't see her much anymore.

I have been occupying my time with books,of course.Some people have a Bucket List, I have a Book List. So far this year I have read...

1) Pride & Prejudice
2) Wuthering Heights
3) Dismantled
4) The Incredible Short Life of Bree Tanner
5) Twilight *again*

Still on my book list for the year

1) Jane Eyre
2) To Kill a Mockingbird
3) Delirium
4) Becoming Marie Antoinette
5) if i stay
6) Bad Girls Don't Die
7) Holy Bible

and last but not least The Soldiers Wife. I can't wait to finish my list to read some of these books again!

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