March 27, 2012


So thus far life in California has been very boring. I am reminded on a daily basis why I wanted to leave California for Washington in the first place. Everything is expensive here. It feels like no matter how hard you try you can't get ahead. The schools are without money, more budget cuts are being made to schools to save California from bankruptcy.

Our neighborhood has basically no children in it. So my boys are back to only having each other to socialize with which means lots of squabbles. We are closer (same city if not 30min away) to our extended family, yet we had more interaction with them in Washington then we do now. *Lovely*

Three awesome things about California
1) My hubby lives with us, YAY! We were living in separate states while we were relocating which totally sucked!! He's the best part of everyday and to say I missed him cannot convey the depth of the longing I felt to be near him.

2)Our beautiful home church is right down the road. I LOVE my church!

3)My hubby is happiest here.Next year things will improve I'm sure. My oldest will be in orchestra, my middle son will be in sports (fingers crossed) and my youngest will be in school and have his own friends again.

All things I want for them, I pray for them. Also we own this home so I think they, my boys, feel more secure here which gives my heart peace.

I know things are expensive EVERYWHERE but seem more so here.

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