November 13, 2010


This morning my hubby asked me if I wanted to take the kids out to the desert to play. Immediately I made a face but agreed because a few weekends ago my hubby had brought them out for the day and told me how he wished I could have been with him to experiance the joy and happiness of our boys playing in the sand. (My hubby had given me the day to myself.)

Camping in the desert used to be a family activity we used to do often before the recession hit. My hubby and I have been considering buying an old used camper to continue this family activity. The desert is magical for our family. Nothing else matters but our time together. The peace in the desert seems to resonate in my children's souls.

We need to find a way to give them this peace, this time. Not only for them but us as well.

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  1. Hey friend! So glad you and the family had a fun, peaceful time at the desert. It is so fun to camp with the family, and leave all the worries back home. I know we really enjoyed it when we would camp at Vail Lake. I never made a trip out to the desert after the boys were born, but it was really fun as a young adult! xoxo