November 23, 2010


Some of you may or may not remember that I love Washington State. It is such a beautiful state and I would love nothing more than to relocate my family from So.Cal to Washington and raise my boys there. Many people have asked me "Why Washington?" and I have always answered the same.

Washington State is the perfect place to raise my boys because it fits all of their personalities. For my outdoor boys who have a connection with nature one only needs to look around at the picturesque scenery to understand. In Washington nature is not pushed out and away to make room for the suburbs,the suburbs are built around nature.

For my inside computer boy, Washington is host to Microsoft,Google,Nintendo etc... It is also home to a great University. All thing that excite my computer tech boy. Washington just feels right to me. This morning my dear friend Kristie who's blog I follow. *Cali Girl With A Washington Heart* sent me some photos so that I could see the beauty she and her family were experiencing. She and her family relocated from So.Cal to Washington last year and Washington has been experiencing just a bit of a snow storm. *Wink*wink*

Here are some pics of the view from her home

This is a pic of my view *sarcasm*


  1. beautiful pics... but considering i have snow, i think i like the view of your yard with the blue sky, green grass and sun!!!

  2. LOL well the grass is always greener isn't it! :) too funny Average Girl

  3. Lol! I love the last pic! But since we are experiencing this lovely weather my dreams have been answered my friend ~ Staying home for Thanksgiving and we even get to go have our Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, since we cooked one here last weekend. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to experience dinner in true "The Christmas Story" fashion! Fah, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, rawww!