September 19, 2011

Motherhood Does It Ever Get Easier?

That's a question asked by mothers everyday all around the world maybe since the dawn of time. Today I found myself asking THAT question.

I am at a loss, sinking quickly in an abyss of frustration and despair over my oldest sons lack of effort in school. I have tried EVERYTHING to inspire ambition, concentration, and success.

My son is a brilliant boy. His level of intelligence and vast vocabulary often even shocks me. However his school work does not reflect that. In fact often times it reflects the opposite. His teacher is well aware that my son is "gifted" child but that does not change the fact that proof of knowledge has to be shown.

My son does not suffer from a medical condition that makes it difficult for him to concentrate or follow directions. He does however suffer from boredom. And to alleviate his boredom in class he reads whatever interests him most at the time.

This has been an issue that has plagued us and we have suffered with for years. Today was my limit. Today was the day that I raised the white flag of surrender.

This issue has taken so much of my attention that I feel I have neglected my other school age sons education. I am so completely focused on my oldest that his younger brother has been left to work completely independent from me. I am so blessed that he has no struggles or issues in school.

I have tried EVERYTHING to guide my oldest away from taking the difficult path that he is determined to take and I have to allow him to learn from his own mistakes.

I can no longer coddle him. I have to give my attention to his younger brother and hope he will get his act together.

It is in these moments of motherhood, of parenthood, that my husband and I give thanks to God that this is our big family issue.

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