May 14, 2012

Be Brave!!

So tonight is Bunco night and I'm having anxiety about going and because I have anxiety I'm cleaning. (its a control thing)

My friend Christina will not be attending tonight Bunco game so it's just me with a group of ladies I vaguely know.

I hate these kind of social gatherings. The go ahead and go without me gatherings. The I know you've only meet these people twice prior but go have fun type of gatherings. They are so completely out of my comfort zone.

I need to mention that the Bunco group did indeed invite me to be a permanent member however I believe I did not have everyone vote. *snarky girls*

So I'm going to be brave and repress my social awkwardness and go play Bunco with my new soon to be best friends ever!!

More importantly I'm going to try and win tonight's jackpot. The competitor in me wants to be the evenings Bunco champion something fierce. I wanna scream WHOO HOO BUNCO!!!

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