May 15, 2012


Guess who won at last nights Bunco game?...ME!!!! WHOO HOO!!! So as you can imagine I had fun.

It really was a great time. Lots of laughter, great food, and Bunco's. I was fortunate to carpool with Heather last night but unfortunately Karen couldn't join us. However having Heather carpool with me did make me feel more confident and comfortable in going to our evenings hostess home.

I think I've found a real girlfriend in Heather. I love her sense of humor. Actually all the women last night were great.

I believe I will be hosting the next Bunco night. I'm going to really put myself out there with these ladies. I am not naive, I accept and understand that I myself might/could have in my socially awkward state gave a standoffish impression to these ladies.

I also understand that they might not have wanted to invest time in me because I was coming as a sub and they might not see me again for quite some time. Still, I think all invited guest should be made to feel welcome but that's just me.

Either way I'm confident this was just a silly little bump in the road. I'm grateful for the invite to be a permanent member and the opportunity to do something fun just for me. Something I have never had before.

Who knows maybe these ladies will also be my book club girls and maybe if I beg a knitting/crochet group!! *swoon*

A girl can dream...a girl can dream...but for now they are just the Bunco girls.

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