September 9, 2012

6 + 4 = FREEDOM

Today I witnessed true freedom in life. My son and I were in his bedroom discussing his lack of motivation in keeping his personal area clean and organized, I know its a ridiculous and pointless thing to request of a preteen boy but I gave it a shot. Anyway as I was saying, I was pleading with my son to care about himself enough not to live like a slob when I reminded him of his needing to use deodorant daily.

He of course rolled his eyes at me which in preteen language translates to yes mom, when he took the deodorant and swiped under his left arm 6 times and his right arm 4 times. Yes I counted, I sat there staring at him incredulously!! Immediately I wanted to start digging my nails into my scalp like I'd heard some god awful sound like nails on a chackboard or a fork scrapping a plate. I could see on his face how confused he was by my facial expression but I was shocked by his actions!!I mean 6 and 4...really?!?!

How could he possibly function properly with his armpits uneven like that? If I did that it would bug me all day. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else in life but my unbalanced armpits!! I calmly asked him if he knew he had swiped the deodorant more on one side than the other? He looked straight into my eyes and said "No, I just put it on." it was then that the room started spinning. He just puts it on willy nilly, no thought of equal application, just swipe it and forget it.

I couldn't understand, couldn't comprehend the kind of freedom in life he posses. To not control every little detail of your life, to just give yourself over to life like, what that must be like? Now of course I wouldn't want him to be as hyper aware about those kinds of details as I am but still 6 and 4!!

I would have had to make it even 6 and 6 then I would have added 2 more on each side to make sure I completely countered the unevenness. Know this, when I say even I don't mean numbers. I'm speaking of equal amounts to each side. I don't really have a numbers issue, well not really. I do do things in 3's like 3 squirts of soap or 3 packets of ketchup. Okay never mind thinking things out I do have a number issue but its not projected on others. If you put 1 or 2 squirts of soap on your hands it has no affect on me.

Well maybe if your my kid or husband I project on you? Anyway point of the story is my son lives in freedom and I'm happy about that. In case you are wondering he did swipe his armpits evenly but not because I told him to or asked him to but because he thought it was funny I counted and noticed... honest.

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