April 12, 2014

Stamina Increase

I am so excited about my increase in stamina and distance with regards to my daily runs. I am a long distance runner and could not beat a snail in a sprint if my life depended on it. When I first began running again a few months back I was only able to run about 2 miles or so. It had been years since I had ran because let's face it running, jogging, even walking at 215lbs. for 2 miles is just not easily done or really even done for that matter.

So after loosing some of my weight that runners call kept getting louder and louder in my heart. I was scared to run my first try, afraid to find out I couldn't do it anymore but I did do it and that first try was all it took to spark the flames of passion for running in me again.

Soon my 2 mile runs became 3.1 mile runs because I had set a goal for myself to run a 5k in 2014. Then after a few weeks I decided to push a little farther and soon my daily run became 5 miles. Well this week I managed to push myself again and after weeks and weeks of running 5 miles a day and managed to go 6 miles.

It was rough and I doubted myself. I thought "oh this is too much go back to 5 miles" but I kept at it and this morning it happened! My body adjusted and accepted  the new distance of the run. When I got home I felt amazing! Not exhausted and sore but fantastic. I know come Monday when I push for 6 my body is going to respond with "We got this girl" and that is a satisfaction words can not describe.

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