May 1, 2014

Dukan Day 4

Today has been just a bit of a struggle with the strictly pure protein diet. The protein is sustaining me for much longer before I need to eat again. My hunger has also been very low today but I am very ready to add vegetables to my diet.

Today is the 4th day and it is coming to an end but I'm not sure if I will be able to complete another day. I'm sure I'll push through and complete the last day but right now I want to throw in the towel early and start the Cruise Phase a day early. Also for some reason I weighed in 4oz. heavier.

Was not what I was expecting but hopefully tomorrow will bring me the elusive numbers I have been striving to see for over a year now 145lbs. I am hoping that by the time I am on Stabilization Phase I will be between a svelte 132-128lbs.

Okay well I am feeling better now and am ready for Attack Phase Day 5! I'm going to see it through and complete my goal of 5 days on Attack Phase so I can lose this last 20lbs.

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