September 18, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

So this morning I take my little song bird Winkle out back to clean out her cage. I figured I would clean her cage and change her water and food when I got back from taking my big boys to school. I return from the schools morning assembly and start to straighten around the house and like most mornings my littlest angel wanted to go outside to play in the dirt and swing for a bit. I was switching the laundry when the baby comes in affectionately holding our little Winkle bird in his arms our very DEAD and STIFF little Winkle bird!!! My baby looked at me and said "Mama what happen Winkle broken?" Then my BoBo takes Winkle and starts making him walk on the coffee table as if the dead bird was a doll.

I was mortified my baby was playing with the birds carcass!! He was so sweet in how he was holding the bird asking his Winkle to open her eyes. All I could say to him was BoBo Winkle is broken mama can't fix Winkle but he was sad just the same. Later on this afternoon we are going to say a prayer and have a funeral for our feathered friend Winkle. I feel so bad for being angry with Winkle that the mouse was upstairs because she was such a messy little eater. I hope Winkle knows she was loved and will be dearly missed by the children and mice.

R.I.P Winkle Winkle Little Star my Brocky wonders where you are. I just hope that my Chihuahua Walter stays healthy and safe!!


  1. I know I didn't mention it in my post but I gave my baby a bath after holding the dead bird and ofcourse sprayed Lysol EVERYWHERE!!

  2. Poor Winkle! I would be heart broken if anything happend to our Walter! Hugs to Brockie and you girlie!

    KH :)

  3. Sorry your birdie passed away. The loss of any pet is always very difficult. Especially when you have to try to make a child sad.