September 14, 2009

The Uninvited House Guest

Lord give me the strength I have an uninvited and unwelcome house guest!! It pains me to say this but there is a mouse in my house, Gasp!!! The horror of it all a mouse a filthy disgusting disease carrying mouse!! I work so hard to clean my house to keep my family safe from nasty germs and this little rodent decides he is going to take up residence here with me and my family.

Yesterday my hubby saw it run across the kitchen floor and watched it disappear under the dishwasher. YUCK!! can you believe it? I have been unable to sleep, all I can picture is this little vermin running across my freshly mopped floors or worse what if this thing is walking across my kitchen counters or dining room table. His putrid little feet with long claws walking across my table dragging his horrendous tail behind him or her. Lord have mercy on me and let there only be one!! I don't think I could handle the idea of there being more than one in the house.

My house, my beautiful clean house it's beauty tarnished by this creatures presence. I thought if I kept my house clean these kinds of things would not happen to me. I wouldn't have to deal with these types of matters but no such luck. Now I have the pleasure of trapping this animal and disposing of it's body, ugh when it rains it pours!! Yes I am using methods that will destroy the animal. So now my husband and I have to place traps around the house at night before we go to bed in hopes of ridding ourselves of this most uninvited and unwelcome of guests.

What a delightful start to our day it will be to come down stairs and find the decaying corps of a mouse stuck to a trap in the kitchen. Nothing says lets start our day off right like a dead or dying animal in your kitchen. Oh please let this nightmare end soon let this creature be removed from my life quickly as quickly as possible. I am embarrassed, humiliated, and disturbed by the fact that I have a mouse in my house. What if I have a guest over and they see it!!! I feel like a prisoner in my own home I am scared to open cabinets or go into the pantry afraid of what I might find. What I might see or what might see me for that fact.

Doesn't this mouse know I have anxiety? Doesn't it know I obsess over germs? How rude and self centered can one creature be? As long as this rodent is in my home my life is not my own. Don't think that I haven't had thoughts of BEN running through my mind either. Yeah that nightmare has been playing in my head over and over again. It really is amazing how a creature intruder can have so much power in your life. So that is what I have been dealing with in my life lately and let me tell you I would rather have anxiety as a problem in life than a rodent problem that I am certain of!!


  1. Mice do seem to show up everywhere. I've had them in outbuildings, and boy does it stress me out.

    Having cats has cut down on the mice in my life (but definitely not the germs!)

    Good luck.

  2. I can't do cats I can't have an animal in the house that you encourage to crap in a box!! =0)hahaha please kitty if your going to crap do it in this sandbox here in the corner. That would get me on such a cleaning routine.

  3. I had a mouse in my house once, long ago. I had trouble sleeping or feeling comfortable until he was gone, too! UGH! After a day or two of trial and error - I found the best bait for moustraps is -- a piece of cookie, with a dab of peanut butter and a drop of vanilla extract...the scent will drive the mouse mad--he has to have worked rather fast! After we caught it, we had to go around and calk all the tiny openings/cracks that we found, where mice can get in...(in some places we stuffed steel wool in the hole, then calked them closed)...and never got a mouse again!

  4. Retro Girl you always give me the best advice!!! thanks =0)

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