September 16, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Good news we caught the mouse last night!! (APPLAUSE and CHEERS) I took Retro Girls advice and used a cookie with a dab of peanut butter and a drop of vanilla extract to lour the evil little intruder to my sticky trap of death!! mu ah ha ha ha Now the bad news the mouse was not caught in the kitchen like we were expecting it to be it was caught upstairs in my CHILDREN'S PLAYROOM!!! The filthy bird, it was going after the filthy birds birdseed that's why it was upstairs. I spent the entire morning cleaning,scrubbing, mopping,vacuuming, and spraying my jumbo size bottle of Lysol all over the house. It was in my children's playroom I just can't believe it.
I mean it was bad enough that it was even in the house and I felt like it wasn't so bad because it was downstairs but it wasn't downstairs it was upstairs with us crawling around while we slept. Touching my babies toys infesting their things with it's evil little germs. Tonight we will be setting up another trap just to be on the safe side I am really praying that we do not find another mouse on the sticky trap. I hope we just had the one mouse and can put an end to this and feel comfortable and confident in our home again. Also I am definitely getting rid of the bird and from now on fish are my #1 recommended pet for people like me who like their homes clean and problem free. Well fish and Chihuahuas I will say make the best pets for people like me but that's it every other pet no!!! Anyway thanks again Retro Girl for your advice it gave me peace today.

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