April 12, 2012


Rainy gloomy days expected for the next couple of days here. As you can imagine I'm ecstatic about it.

I've recently fallen in love with my iPad again thanks to the iOS upgrade. I really wish *Blogger* had an iPad app. I use the iPhone app on my iPad but have to enlarge the text and can see the pixels.

Silly thing to complain about I know but it really does bug me. You know what is not silly to complain about? Me having to buy a super cute pink iPad case on *Amazon*.

What's wrong with buying on *Amazon* you ask? Well I'll tell you what's wrong, because Apple released the iPad ,iPad2 & iPad3 so quickly, one after the other, stores no longer carry iPad cases. I have to purchase my case online and I hate having to wait. I'm more of an instant gratification kind of girl.

Which brings me to another bee in my bonnet! I hate when I do go into the retail stores to try and buy an accessory such as an iPad invisashield and the sales people say "Oh you have just the regular iPad?"

I had no idea a 2 year old iPad was now considered such a dinosaur?!? I got my iPad on sale (phenomenal price) because the store needed to make room for iPad2's.

Then the brilliant minds at Apple decide to release iPad3 one year later. So now I have to shop online for the accessories to my old relic the iPad. In the early morning hours watching bad infomercials crying into my Pepsi.

Speaking of infomercials how awesome is that Forever Lazy?!?! 😉

*Correction my iPad is 1 year old.*

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