July 1, 2009

The County Fair

I know it has been awhile since I have written sorry for that I have been a busy bee this summer taking my kids all over creation like to buffets and county fairs exposing them to millions of germs all in the name of fun. As I stated before I took my kids to the annual county fair for a day of family fun and memories and as we took in the sights I was absolutely amazed at how people who were also visiting the fair did not consider their health or the health of their children for that matter. Now I am not talking about the deep fried food and delicious treats like fudge and cinnamon rolls covered in so much icing that you momentarily worry about eating it and taking the chance that it might be your downfall for the day. I am a huge HUGE fan of sweets and deep fried food, no I am talking about all the germs your hands pick up and how unaware and/or unconcerned people are about these contaminants.

Walking through the halls of vender's I see people picking up merchandise and eating all at the same time!! How does it not cross their minds that hundreds upon thousands of people have gone through these halls before us and have most likely picked up those same items. What if that person before you is not feeling 100%? What if they didn't wash their hands properly? Seriously am I the only one who thinks this way? In the children's area where I took my children to ride the carnival rides appropriate for them I did not see one single parent with hand sanitizer or wipes. No parents just allowed their children to hop from one ride to the next buying them goodies and treats without a care in the world, SHOCKING!!!

I highly doubt that the carnival operators have public health on their minds when operating these rides. If I thought my husband would not object I would take a few cans of Lysol and spray everything before my kids sat on it or touch it. Above all of this the worst and I do mean the WORST thing that I saw and I see it EVERY year is the vendor who sells the Temperpedic mattresses at the fair!!! This sicko invites everyone he sees to lay down and try out his mattress. It's like no thank you mattress man I don't want to lie down on your dead human skin particles, dust mites infested contaminated mattress!! He is ever so generous to not only invite you to lay down on dead skin and dust mites but he offers you a pillow to go with it.

How can people be so reckless with their health.I mean I doubt these same people would lie down on a pillow and mattress they found on the street.I guess because it is at the county fair it's okay but my thing is what if the person who laid down before you has dandruff or worse lice!! Anyway I took my kids and my sanitizer and had a good time despite being surrounded by thousands of reckless germ vestals. I would also like to say thank you to everyone for leaving me such encouraging comments and advice. Thank you for listening to me and reading my blog.

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