July 14, 2009

A Vacation With Dust Mites

So this coming weekend my family and I are going on a mini family vacation and spending a few days in a cabin/house in the beautiful town of Big Bear. Sounds fun right? WRONG!! Well kind of fun you see this cabin/house belongs to a very special and dear family friend of my father~in~law. His friend Billy who lives out of state allows my father~in~law to use the cabin whenever he likes and it has become a tradition for us to go and spend a few days together in Big Bear. I know that not very many people have the opportunity to enjoy someone else's vacation home free of charge, I know that this is a blessing and a wonderful experience for my kids but where it isn't a blessing is when a dust mite clean freak such as myself walks into the stale air of the closed up house, my guess since Christmas and immediately wonders when the floors where vacuumed last? When were the bathrooms cleaned last? How many other families has Billy opened his winter vacation home to? Did anyone clean the couch and chairs? Who else sat on this furniture?

Now of course you know I am bringing my own linens, pillows, towels,etc... now as I stated earlier my in~laws will also be with us which is absolutely wonderful because I adore them but they have no idea that I suffer from O.C.D (CLIMAX) DUN DUN DAAAH!! Like most in my family they don't see anything wrong with the fact that my house is so clean they just think I am a good wife and mother because my house is so clean. They don't know my cleanliness is brought on by anxiety of germs, dust mites, peoples shedding dead skin cells, possible intruder abduction( if my house is super clean then the police will find finger prints) and my newest obsession Black Widows.

Yes Black Widows!! We have seen a spike in the number of people getting bit this year and my children have had close encounters with these hideous little arachnids. My baby could have easily been bitten by one the other day when we were out back playing. I noticed a web in his little push car and found it was unusually sticky I had a feeling of dread and panic I pulled my baby out of his car and had my hubby inspect the car and there it was a HUGE black widow right by where his little legs were. The spider was about the size of a quarter and I just know there is a chance that there might be one inside Billy's vacation house. Also I just want to say birds are filthy little pets to have and those Topsy Turby tomato growers bring rats so my advice is to avoid the allure of the purchase. Well this weekend is coming with or without my anxiety and I am going to go and enjoy my family while on alert for spiders.


  1. i LOVED this post.i empathize COMPLETELY. i can't stand to sleep anywhere that i haven't cleaned myself. i know i am probably going to get sick or catch anything but just the thought of sleeping in other peoples biologic sheddings just grosses me out.if i have to sleep away from home whether in a hotel or at my inlaws i bring an allersac, one for each member of my family, and i clean as much as i can without being insulting. i also think birds are filthy when kept as pets in a home. spiders don't really bug me, but i haven't had a run in with a black widow, so there's time for that fear. good luck

  2. Thank you Allersac for your comments and getting the grossness of skin shed!! Your comment made me so happy to know I am not the only one that feels this way. Thanks again for the comment and reading my blog. K.Jones

  3. Hi K,

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