October 27, 2009


It is almost time... it is almost here...The Day After Thanksgiving Sale!! I am already mentally preparing myself for this event,yes I am one of those "crazy" people you see on the news in line at 3 o'clock in the morning at Walmart freezing their butts off to buy a Barbie for $2.00 (it's like a convention) I look forward to this event like a child looks forward to Christmas.

My usual partner in crime and enabler in this addiction is my sister Elba. She doesn't even buy anything she just goes to help me participate in the beautiful chaos that is the Walmart After Thanksgiving Day Sale, I told you my sister is the best. I just hope she will be helping me out again this year because I have a feeling this is going to be one of the craziest years for this particular sale. With peoples finances being affected by the economy and job market and credit being what it is people will be looking to stretch their dollars and I grantee you Walmart is going to be more than accommodating. We will be seeing some amazing deals and where you find amazing deals you will find huge crowds.

This year will also be my most daring and ambitious year to date, this year I plan to take on the Veterans and dive head first into the electronics section ~DAH ~DAH DAAAA~ You have to be ready for battle to head into the electronics section. You are dealing with the worst of the worst.You are dealing with pissed off husbands who have been dragged out of bed to stand in the long cold lines of Walmart while their wives wait in the car with the heater running so that they can buy their kids that must have gift. The honey if you don't get this video game/system you have single handily ruined Christmas gift!!

These are big cranky men just looking for someone in electronics to take their frustrations out on. I will foolishly volunteer to be that person because this year I am going for the most coveted Christmas prize of them all, THE Wii.(cue the spotlight,mist,and heavenly music in the background).Will the Gods smile upon me and give me victory? Will my home be filled with squeals of delight on Christmas morning as my children first lay eyes on my spoils of war? Who knows, all I know is that if you are in line at Walmart this November 27th you better watch out cause this CRAZY MOM has been training since September WOO~HOO!!

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