October 26, 2009

Hello Again

Well I must start off this blog with my apologies for not keeping up with my entries. (How very self important of me*sly grin*) I haven't been writing because I had a set back and fell into a slight depression. This past September marked the 18 year anniversary of my mothers death. Usually I prepare myself the weeks before leading up to the day but this year the day snuck up on me. I was so busy with my family life that I wasn't able to prepare for or accept that the day had come and that the years have past. I was overwhelmed by the pain and felt very vulnerable and raw. Some might think that in 18 years ones heart would heal or that the pain and loss would subside but when their is a void in your life, a missing face in your family it is simply a wound that does not and can not heal. I am better now and am ready to share my thoughts and opinions with my friends.
So let me start with this I was watching a commercial on television for a mop that was being pitched by Anthony Sullivan, do you know him? He was pitching a sham~wow like mop which I am sure is a great product but in his infomercial he was demonstrating how incredible his product was at cleaning up messes and as he was cleaning up a spilled glass of cola he said and I quote "In these hard economic times we can't afford to be wasteful just twist the sham~mop over the glass and your soda is ready to drink again." end quote did you catch that? This man suggested we mop up the soda with his magic mop and drink the just spilled cola!! Is he out of his freaking mind!! Now I know we are in hard economic times and we are all feeling it in one way or another but are we in such financial distress that we would dismiss our hygienic standards?!? If a spilled soda is causing you financial concern perhaps you should be spending you money differently you know reevaluate your priorities and situation in life.
I think Anthony Sullevan should fire the nasty I drink spilled cola off the floor producers/ writers of this commercial. The idea of the floor of the viewer/potential buyer of this product not being sanitary or clean never even crossed their minds!! I mean that is taking the ten second rule to a whole new level. This ranks up their by my standards with the nasty bed peddler at the county fair. I think this is a clear sign that we will all feel the affects of the loss of Billy Mayes.

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