October 28, 2009


Today I am enjoying a cup of vanilla coffee watching the cold wind blowing away the leaves on trees that are desperately trying to hold on. Nature is setting it's scene for winter as my hazelnut candle fills my home with it's delicious aroma.

In the playroom a smile creeps across my face as I watch my 2 year old as his imagination carries him away to a place only he understands.

I am dreaming of one day owning a cozy little house with a brick fireplace and built in bookshelves. An over sized chair in the corner where I can read the day away that is how I would spend the perfect day.

~* A Note To Friends *~

I am going through some changes for the better to improve myself. You may have noticed I have changed the title of my blog to Simple Kind Of Life. Their is so much more to me than just anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.I don't want to be defined by just that I will still write about it because it is part of who I am but it is not all that I am. I have also changed my URL to simplykjones which for some reason the URL change will not show the blogs that I am following on my blog page under Feeding My Soul. If anyone knows what I can do to change this I sure would appreciate any suggestions.

~* A Prayer For Today *~

Dear Father, I humbly come before You today and ask that you search the deep places of my heart.Show me if there is any area I need to line up my heart and actions.Help me be authentic in You today.

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  1. I think this is such a wonderfully peaceful decision you have made!

    Often I find that we women are suprised by the conflictions between our innermost self, our worries and many personnas, and that of ourselves which we display toward the world (this is something blogging exaccerbates or maybe just sheds light on). Mixing and mingling the two can often befuddle us, so to start from a point where we are the same inwards as outwards and sticking to that very personal promise is a fruitful, daily enterprise.

    HE is the center and our focus day in and day out, and thereby commiting ourselves daily to pleasing our Lord and savior, we become better sisters in the body of Christ; working to build eachother up! ...and up and up!