October 30, 2009

A Blissful Day

Today my vanilla coffee is tasting even sweeter because my blue eyed boy was awarded student of the month at his school assembly this morning. How proud and handsome he looked standing in front of the school as his big brother boasted "That's my little brother" as his classmates cheered.

What a wonderful day this is going to be for my family we are going to the boys fall festival at school tonight then we will be carving our pumpkins and ending the evening snuggling under soft and fuzzy blankets for a family movie night. All this in a clean and sanitized house...ah bliss. Now if Lysol only came in a Hazelnut Coffee scent my world would be pretty darn close to perfect,again it's the simple pleasures that make my life sweet.

Yesterday it took me what seemed like all day to clean the house making my dream of having a smaller house that much more of a desire in me. To have to clean three living rooms and three bathrooms frustrated me. I seriously think that I need to take my boys to have their eyes checked because I am not certain they even see the toilet bowl.

While we are on the subject of dirty I was informed by another one of my favorite girls that the book I mentioned I was going to start reading is a little bit of a dirty read and that she recommend it as well so now I am even more excited to start reading this book. A woman needs a little smut in her life from time to time. *wink~wink*

~* A Prayer For Today *~

Father God,I come to You today declaring that I am finished with fear.Thank You for giving me power,love,and a sound mind.I choose to stand on Your promises.Fill me with Your peace and joy today as I move forward in victory with You.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend.

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  1. Your children are beautiful and so is your blog. Every where I look is something beautiful.Isn't it wonderful when your children get award. Congrats to him. I Have found a cleaning product I love. I want one in each room of my house. It's Clorox Wipes. You may use them already. You can wipe down everything in just a few minutes. They are especially great in the bathroom. My daughter in law has been complaining about her son missing in the bathroom. He just turned four. He told me when I was bragging on how well he could go to the bathroom that his Mommy makes him sit on the pot. I don't think that is the solution. Have a great week. Doylene