April 1, 2010

Not A Peep

Lately I have been censoring what I write about with regards to what is going on in my life. Not because I don't want to share what has been happening but because of who might be reading my posts. Now even though my blog is on a public forum and anyone can read or follow it I used to feel like I had anonymity. A special group of faceless friends who read my words and found humor in my wacky life.

Now with all that has happened I am scared to be honest and write my true feelings down as I so easily did in the past because I have personal relationships with some of the readers. I have become frightened of judgment and hurting or disappointing these people who I love dearly. It weighs very heavy on me when I think I have hurt or disappointed people I love but writing has always been the way I expressed myself and I feel that I can no longer be true to myself or be honest in my blogs.

Perhaps I am being big headed or perhaps this is the only way they can learn first hand what is going on.Perhaps they just don't even give a crap anymore what I write and or if I write!!! Who knows all I know is that in times like these nothing is ever easy.


  1. You only have control of what you say, not how others perceive it. Authors true to themselves write what they believe, and what is in the best their for family. If Authors worried about what other would think, before writing something, we wouldn’t have books or history.

  2. You write from the heart and that is why you are so amazing. You know that I will always have your back and don't want you to ever sensor what you write. Keep the awesome posts coming please!

  3. Stay true to yourself ~ you writing from your heart is what made many of us love your blog whether we are loved ones, friends or faceless friends. I've always admired the way you write and look forward to your posts and reading what is on your mind at the moment no matter what it's about. We can't always make everyone in our lives happy, but we can make us happy and that's a start. Don't take away that happiness from yourself for fear of being honest and true. Be you, because I sure love it as I'm sure many do!

  4. I have always felt that a gal's blog is her outlet...you can and should be able to write whatever is on your mind and in your heart. It's your place to vent, think aloud, dream, record your life, whatever you want. I think there are others like me, who enjoy getting to know you thru your blog, read your words and thoughts and would never judge you. Those who might do not matter...they can always click another button and surf on! People can only make us feel inferior with our permission...do not give anyone that power!

    I would love to read more if you are willing to write it! Also am impressed & inspired by your authoring a children's book! Care to share any advice on how another mom might pursue such an endeavor?