April 21, 2010

Not You Again!!!!

Hello Mr. Anxiety I've been expecting you, it is so nice how you are always right on time. Even though I have asked you not to visit me you ignore my wishes and come baring gifts of worry and stress.

Why is Mr. Anxiety visiting me??? Well because my oldest son is going on a field trip tomorrow. Which in itself would not cause this level of anxiety in me. I mean it would be less stressful on me if they were just taking the bus to their destination but NOOOOOOO they are taking the bus and then the train UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! WHY...WHY...WHY!!!

I know...I know... he will be okay. I am saying that in a sarcastic tone by the way, why do they have to increase their chances of possibly losing my child?!?! What if he gets on the wrong train or they miscount??? Or what if he is in the bathroom and they accidentally leave him behind? Oh these scenarios will be running through my mind all night. I am not going to be able to get any kind of real sleep tonight and I predict I am going to be a real peach in the morning.

Oh why don't I home school my children????

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  1. Sending you some positive juju my friend to get you through the day! You are not alone in your worries about field trips ~ I have had the same thoughts, What if he gets left behind, or he's lost, or he acts up, or he gets hurt so far away. But the school and teachers are not new to this and have rules and guideline they follow to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for. So be tough momma ~ your number 1 will get home to you with exciting stories to tell ~ and I also highly recommend that you chaperone next time if you can. It's so much fun!