March 29, 2010

No More Diapers!!

Today was a very proud day in our household, today our youngest member of the family was potty trained!! Not 1 single accident I am beaming, can you see me?!?...BEAMING PEOPLE... ME... OVER HERE... BEAMING!! For whatever reason the 3 years 1 month mark has worked for my boys. My oldest officially took 3 days to potty train but the younger 2 got it the first time on the first try without a single accident.So now we work on perfecting his aim, he definitely needs help in that area my bathroom floors are proof of that.

Some of you may be thinking "WOW!! life is going to be so much easier for you now"... WRONG!!! Now the real work begins the traveling everywhere with a potty chair and water bottle, hand sanitizers, wipes and having to have the knowledge of where the closest and cleanest public restroom is at all times in any and every location.*GROAN*

But once we get the hang of it and fall into a routine he will be able to experience the true reward of this special right of passage, a reward every potty trained child experiances in their life...PRESCHOOL!!! Half day of course but he is so ready and excited. He needs his space and friends and well is just itching to get away from mom!! I imagine the image below is how you will find me in the restroom of his preschool talking to my sister on the phone as she tries to talk me off the ledge as I am sniffling and mumbling "HE"S NOT A BABY ANYMORE!!!"


  1. Don't jump from the ledge! Way to go Big Boy but also way to go MOM. Like I say "You are the Best Mom ever"!

  2. Whoo hoo! Way to go little man and Mom! Sending you both a really big hug and a yippee!

  3. Woohoo! Way to go little guy! And mama!

    Our little guy who is almost 22 months old, is actually going #1 on the potty (for about a month now) but we aren't pushing/rushing him to move out of diapers, since he's still so young and is very hit or miss with it sometimes and especially #2. What ever advice you have - I'd be glad to have it! :-) I'm new at this and you're a pro! (I hear ya on the public restroom thing. UGH! I need to get that purse-sized lysol!)