October 3, 2014

On Your Mark...Get Set...Go!!

Guess who just signed up for her first ever fun run? That's right this girl right here!! And if that wasn't awesome enough my hubby is doing the fun run with me!! We will be doing the Blacklight Run this February. I am thinking I will be donning a traditional race Tutu and some sort of headband accessory to complete the look. I have wanted to do a fun run for so long and now it is going to be a reality. It has been a goal of mine, a dream, to participate in a 5k fun run.

I hope his race is the first of many for me in 2015. Soon I hope to add a Turkey Trot, a Color Run, Mud Run and a race for Autism Awareness to my racing resume. Eventually working my way toward the Spartan Race. My husband really wants to do a Spartan race and this Blacklght Run could be the start of our bad ass addiction. So in 2015 watch me become an even bigger running fool and hopefully even post photos of my amazing runs in the breathtakingly beautiful PNW. 

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