October 2, 2014

You Run How Far?!?

Yesterday I greeted this first day of October with a daily run as I greet everyday. I am often asked how far I run and it is between 5.85 and 6.18 miles, depending on if I want to give myself that extra little push. These numbers usually elicit a gasp and look somewhere between shock and horror. And to be perfectly honest with you it isn't until someone has this reaction to my numbers that it occurs to me that the distance I run some may consider far. I mean it is far don't get me wrong, 5/6 plus miles anywhere is far. It's just to me it is simply a part of my daily routine. I navigate the distance of my run by the landmarks I pass. To me it is really just the route I run the distance truly never occurs to me. 

When we were in a heat wave this summer I was asked by our crossing guard lady after she wished me well on my run if I was going for a short run or a long run? I told her I didn't really know that I wouldn't know until I started my run. Then she asked me how I could possibly run in the heat and humidity. My answer was so honest I left her standing with her mouth agape in the street. I simply responded with this "because my desire to be thin is greater than my common sense." I didn't even think about what I was saying it just sort of fell out of my mouth. It is true to an extent but it isn't the only reason I run.

 I run because I love the solitude, the way you are completely connected with yourself. You are in the moment, living in the moment. Your head is clear, your heart at peace and the earth is alive and breathing and your breathing with it. You become acutely aware of every color, every sent, every living thing you pass. Suddenly you notice the beauty in the birds chirping and calling to each other from tree to tree. You appreciate the way the colors in the trees blend and change creating a new look everyday. The vibrant color of the grass and how it seems to cool your skin with its freshly dampened soil. Mountains stand glorious and tall, the sky always seems to be the bluest of blues I have ever seen, and every stranger I pass acknowledges me with an encouraging nod or smile. 

When I run I am completely connected to God and all his creation and I guess that's why it is so easy for me to forget that 5.85/6.18 is far. 

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