October 18, 2014

YAY!! It's Gray!!

I have had the pleasure these past four days of enjoying my morning run under the canopy of stormy gray clouds. The blood in my veins humming with each mile reached. The crisp air nipping at my skin making me feel the glory of the day. My whole body comes alive on overcast days, my soul, it sings. I am happiest when under a gray sky. I am sure that seems odd as it is usually the sun that people want but for me it's an overcast sky or rainy day.

Perhaps I am getting a small glimpse into the wonderful winter runs I will experience in a few weeks. If only the fall were consistent with its cool gray weather. The sun and will soon regain it's rightful place in the So. Cal sky bringing along with it it's endless blue sky but for now it is nice to reminisce with the gray and enjoy a beautiful rendition of a PNW sky.

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