May 13, 2009

P.T.A Mafia

P.T.A Mafia is how I lovingly refer to the P.T.A moms at my children's school. They come to school in their juicy jeans, tank tops, and high heals showing off their pedicures with their mac makeup looking flawless. I wish I had the drive to make an effort the way these women do. To be completely put together by 8:30 a.m. as they drop off their kids and gather for a quick chat before they run off to do their errands.

You can always tell who is a new mafia recruit by the sudden change in appearance. Gone are the days of sweatpants, ponytails, and flip flops; comfort exchanged for style and amazingly all it takes to join this exclusive Stepford Wives like club is your one time only fee of $7.00 your P.T.A dues. With your $7.00 you gain a new best friend, a workout partner, a babysitter, a new best friend for your kids and you get to go to the on campus breakfast P.T.A meetings.

They also have somewhat of a theme to their groups, a Spice Girl/Barbie kind of thing. Their is jogger mom who always shows up at school in her running outfit complete with baby jogger. Designer bag mom who is always willing to show all the other mothers her latest purchase. Bleached hair mom with her Barbie pink lipstick and dark eyeliner to make her blue eyes pop and last but not least cool mom, now she is the mom all the other moms want to be best friends with and has an upper management position in the P.T.A.

When I join the mafia I am guessing I might be overprotective mom or walk all over me mom. I hope to be not gonna take your shit mom. Who knows I can only dream because unfortunately I can't truly join the mafia. You are not allowed to bring your little ones when you help out at school all I can do for now is donate my $7.00.

So no walking around campus with my visitors pin on, no drinking coffee in the teachers lounge for me or even making copies for the teachers next big project. No I can only sit back and enjoy the mafia lifestyle from a distance, it appears I'm on the outside looking in. Please understand I truly appreciate what these women do. They help the teachers and the students whether their child is in that teachers class or not. They help just to help and put amazing functions together. I wish I could be that put together that confident in social situations. I am envious of their time and available childcare.

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  1. Hehe...only in Southern California.
    Have you seen that commercial where all the clone moms pull up to pick their kids up from school in their white SUVs with big, bleach blond hair and too much make up and the kid's can't figure out who their mommy is in the sea of mommy-bots? Cracks me up every time. I think it's a car commercial.