May 18, 2009

Side Affects Include...

WOW!! I have had an amazing month on my Zol/Yaz cocktail combo. My anxiety is low and my days are enjoyable. My anger and frustration with my boys is reasonable and I am no longer the psycho mom my kids feared. I have stopped going from cranky to irate in 6.6 seconds. My kids are at ease and that is the best feeling in the world. I am however dealing with some side affects including dizziness, nausea, short term memory loss, and trouble concentrating but that's no big deal right?!? I don't always have these symptoms but on occasion I do suffer from them.

I even suffer from laziness some days, although I don't exactly think laziness is an actual listed side affect of the Zoloft I'm adding it in there. I just have no desire to to clean the house or do the laundry. I have however been able to find my happy balance, I now clean the house from top to bottom on Saturdays and just tidy up during the week, so everybody wins! I even found the courage to leave my house alone.( without my hubbs ) I attended my first ever passion party and let me tell you it was one hell of a learning experience.

I found it so incredibly amusing how women will get so competitive with each other and will reveal personal and private information about themselves in front of a group of women they don't even know just to win a corny prize wrapped in a brown paper bag myself included. We played a game called "Good Girl/Bad Girl" we where asked a series of personal sexual questions and for each question you answered yes you gave yourself a point. The women with the least and most points win thus the "Good Girl/Bad Girl". I was somewhere in the middle, a little bit of both but that really isn't surprising.

I think I am going to host my own passion party it is something I consider wild and slightly inappropriate. A bit out of character for me, somewhere down the line I turned into a prude. I think it would be fun and maybe even good for me to step out of my comfort zone, who knows something for me to think about I guess.

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  1. Count me out! I might be a bit to scandalous for the likes of you. *snicker*
    xoxo Caroline