August 12, 2009

Panic Scheduled For Friday

This Friday I will be leaving my babies in the care of my oldest sister Teresa for a few hours and I am panicked. It is only Wednesday and I have been stressed out since Monday over leaving my kids with my sister and dad for 2 hours or so. I NEVER leave my kids with my sister Teresa I always leave my children in the care of my other sister Elba. Well this time my back was up against the wall and I had to ask Teresa. My sister Teresa is perfectly capable of watching my boys she herself is a wonderful mother. She is the kind of mother I strive to be like.
Everything Teresa does in life is for her 2 beautiful girls.She does nothing without first considering how her actions will affect her girls. Every dream, every breath, every prayer is for her girls. Her talent for showing her love is as grand as her love itself. She bakes like Betty Crocker and cooks like Sara Lee. The magic Teresa creates for her girls at Christmas is inspiring. As I said I strive to be the kind of mother that she is so what am I so stressed about?

The stress comes from the lack of interaction my children have with members of my family. Even though we live about 30min away I rarely see my sister and father. My boys really do not have a close relationship with them and because they are not as involved in their lives my kids are shy and standoffish with them. They see them as family/strangers so I worry for my kids and how they will react to being left with my family.

So I am stressed out and because I am stressed out and feel that I don't have another choice or any control over what my kids will feel or that I will not be able to comfort them I do what comforts me and gives me a sense of control I clean. I clean, I vacuum, I straighten and I remember that this is how I perceive things to be and if I do not want my children to react in a negative way on Friday than I should not reveal my stress and worry to them. Wish me luck friends because as they say it is easier said then done.


  1. This was the only picture I had of my sister Teresa. We all look alike so just picture me with super curly hair!

  2. It sounds like this is really scary, but this is a fabulous exposure for you. I know, easy for me to say!

  3. I know this is a big step...and as hard as it is, to hide your anxiety from them and not scare them - maybe the best thing to do is to talk about it with it up, and tell them what fun, what an adventure it will be. Maybe if she has activities planned, and you can tell them about it, they'll be looking forward to it.

    I agree...easy to say or throw around advice from where we all sit...but it is a good thing for all of you. Hope you have a good week until then.