August 21, 2009

I Hate the News!!

Last night I struggled to fall asleep. My hubby and I like to watch the news in bed before we go to sleep and the lead story of last nights news disturbed me so much it gave me an anxiety attack. Yesterday a couple was arraigned for the torture and brutal beating murder of the women's 2 year old son. What made this murder even more heinous was the fact that they used duct tape to hold the child down in various positions to beat the boy.

I couldn't stop envisioning this poor child screaming in pain as this huge man and woman took turns beating him. I imagined this poor child clinching on to his mother in pain remorseful for what ever so called "offence" he had committed then screaming in terror as they pinned him down to repositioned him for another round of torture and pain. He was helpless unable to even place his little hands up in defense.

WHY!! As if their is an answer to this question that would possibly justify it or make any sense.

Why is this world so cruel to children? Was there no neighbors who heard this child's cries or they did hear the brutal beating and did nothing to try and stop it? We look upon other countries who react to crimes with the philosophy of An Eye For An Eye as barbaric or inhuman but where was the humanity for this child? I become physically ill when I think of this little boys tragic death at the hands of those who he trusted most in his young life, his mother and stepfather. Just when I think I can trust the world with my children the world shows me just how ugly people can be.

I bet it will be this woman's defense that she herself was abused by this man and how she feared for her own life and couldn't stop him from beating her son to death. I ask you as parents is this even possible? Would you assist someone in torturing and beating your child to death because you feared for your own life and safety? I would rather die!! I don't allow anyone to put their hands on my children, I don't care what relation you are to me. You put your hands on my babies your gonna put me in jail and if your lucky you in the hospital!!

What an ugly reality for our children to know that in this world their are parents who kill their children, people who will steal their innocence, their happiness, their lives and that sometimes the monsters they need to watch out for are the very ones who kiss them goodnight.


  1. Just hearing about this makes me almost physically ill. I can't imagine someone being able to look into that precious innocent child's eyes...and do such an unspeakable, deplorable thing. I'm just sick thinking of it.

  2. Retro Girl,
    I feel the same way I struggle to understand the thought process of this mother & father. The boy was only 2 years old and now the story has been swept under the rug because Michael Jackson was not buried!!