February 3, 2010

Get A Vacuum!!

I found this image and it's commentary made me laugh. I think dirty people are behind this lifestyle mantra.*grin* I think I will create one that says Unhealthy people was their hands.

So you just know that after reading this I spent the morning cleaning my house. I hadn't been able to vacuum in 2 weeks!! Excuse me while I dry heave over that statement. I am convinced after all the dirt my vacuum picked up that all our coughing and sinus issues will go away. I always get grossed out after vacuuming the house when for what ever reason I haven't done so for the week. It is amazing how much dog hair my darling little chihuahua Walter leaves behind. Walter is very lucky he is so darn cute but above all that he is so gosh darn well behaved.

1 comment:

  1. Awwww ~ Walter!!!!! I would not expect anything less from Wawa! He's such a good boy and I miss snuggling with him on your comfy couch! So glad you got to clean your house and you're all starting to feel so much better! I'm hoping to feel back to normal here in a few days ~ We shall see! Never had a cold kick me so hard before! Miss you my friend!