February 18, 2010

Just Like A Kiss

The simplest gestures can bring forth the biggest smiles. A hello or good morning can set the tone for the day and make you take notice of the beauty that surrounds you. That good morning can make you feel so special that you carry it around like the memory of a kiss. It's those simple gestures that capture the heart.

For so long I was in love, all I wanted was you in my life. Help you catch your dreams and reach your goals. Now I'm all alone and your to far gone. Gone to see your mistakes unfold at your feet and what was once so simple what was once so sweet has now become to bitter and complicated for me.

What happen to my simple little life? My simple little hopes and dreams? With satisfaction I sit and watch you bleed, how the tables have turned now that I'm the one holding the spear. I found myself and lost you and now your the one sitting there not knowing what to do.

I always fixed it and you always broke it, up until now things have been fine temporarily but oh how our circumstances changed. Now you tell me my words they cut you like a knife and you tell me the pain is something you can't bare. Well look how it's balanced now, how quickly I find you wanting to settle down. Crawling back for more whispering your sorry at my door.

What happen to my simple life? My simple little hopes and dreams? Are you angry now that I'm helping you kill it too? I've been in rehearsals getting ready to face my demotion; just a has been that's what I am. I took the leftovers and saved them up but they didn't go to far. Sorry time ran out... it's over now.

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