February 15, 2010


I was watching the A&E show Hoarders and became aware that in all the Hoarders episodes I have seen there seems to be a running theme or common similarity in the program episodes and that is 1 the people are obese, 2 that they all have multiple cats in their home and 3 not all but most are smokers. I found this to be both interesting and odd, skinny people don't hoard? Perhaps skinny people only have clutter? I don't know if A&E is aware that the people they film for this show all seem to these commonalities? Now I am not saying all obese people are hoarders or somehow unclean. I am saying A&E is seemingly only showing obese hoarders and why oh why do these people smoke? That just drives me bonkers, it gives me anxiety to think that if their house caught on fire they would be trapped and the firefighters couldn't help them because of the condition of the house!!

I also find it so interesting that the condition these people are living in is an outward reflection of what they are feeling on the inside, dis function and fear.If you can see beyond the mess and the disturbing chaotic lifestyle they all tell of some life altering moment that was what they consider the catalyst to this type of behavior. Intresting and odd is the only way I can explain it, the only thing I can say.


  1. I never realized it but I think you are right, many hoarders have weight issues. I think it could stem from the compulsive part of their personality and perhaps food is their way of medicating themselves over the guilt, fear, anxiety, and shame over hoarding. Seems like a viscious cycle and is so sad. I have a friend who is a recovering alcoholic and who revealed that she is a hoarder. I really understood after she admitted it and then I watched this show---she would always meet me out, or come to me, but never invited me to her home and now I know why. I didn't even realize she was an alcoholic for years -- she was so good at hiding all of it. It's really sad --- the private hell that some people live in.

  2. Watching the show, I have seen only two women, and a few men who were in my opinion not over weight. I find the show very fascinating ~ like a train wreck that you just can't turn away from. And shameless as it is ~ it makes me feel better about myself and my little piles of clutter around the house. I know ~ horrible to say but true for me. Every hoarder is different, and it's very interesting, sad, and shocking to see their space. Kind of hard to wrap your head around the ones whom finally decide to get some help because they will lose their children but then realize that with any addiction, it often takes that person to hit their "bottom" in order to get or ask for help. I so feel for the children living with a parent who is a hoarder. Such huge pressure for those kids to be surrounded by the stuff, often times not having their own room let alone a bed to sleep on since it's covered with stuff. So sad..