February 15, 2010


I'm sure I have lost my mind because today I got my oldest son a hamster!! Yes I said a hamster!!! It kills me to say this but the darn thing is so cute and the boys are so enamored with it I just couldn't say no. We got our new little friend from my girlfriend Debbie who's children I guess lost interest in the little thing and so when she said she was giving it away I thought of my oldest son who had asked me for a pet hamster repeatedly.

So as a surprise I took him to my girlfriends to pick up his new friend. I must say the kids reaction was great but by far my Chihuahua Walter's was the best. I think he might have thought it was a puppy. He just kept sniffing it and running around like crazy. The hamsters previous owners named him Hammy but my big boy wants to name him Eragon after his favorite book.

A pet hamster what was I thinking?!?!! As if I needed another reason to clean this house!! Oh well I'll just look on the bright side of things and be happy that my kids will have the cleanest hands in town.

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